Delivery Tales: Delivering Karma

I spoke recently about how I’m a believer in Karma, and how it is my religion. Well, tonight while I was delivering pizza, it stepped up and made itself known again.

I don’t know if it happened because of something I’ve done recently or if it was a self-contained incident, but it was cool. And that’s the great thing about Karma. You really never know, do you?

Here’s how this played out. Because after it happened, I thought about it and realized it all happened for a reason. It was fate. The end of the story is cool and all, but it’s how it played out that really gets me. Here it is.

I had a double delivery to the same area, to two different hotels I’ve been to a bunch of times. I got to the first hotel and went to the customers room. I knocked twice, and nobody answered, so I called. The man answered and said he would be right there. I expected him to come from the elevator, but his door opened and there he was. He was either sleeping or having sex, because his clothes were half on and there were no lights on in his room.

After that I left the hotel and went down the road to the main road I needed to get to the next hotel. For whatever reason, I made a right. I drove about a half a mile when I realized I had gone the wrong way and had to turn around. When I finally got to the next hotel and to the customers room, they told me they had just called the store to see where their order was, and they were happy to see me. They were quite drunk.

After I left their room, I stopped by the front desk to sign a paper. We have this thing with hotels, where if they send us ten customers, we’ll give them a free large pizza. So each time we deliver to a hotel we sign a paper, and when they get ten signatures they can turn that paper in for their pizza. I had, by the way, signed the paper at the first hotel before leaving and going to this one, if you were wondering.

At the front desk there was an older black gentleman in front of me and the clerk was on the phone with a taxi company. I heard him say something about 20 to 25 minutes, and then he thanked them and hung up. He told the man in front of me how long it would be and then asked if he could help me.

I asked if he had a paper for me to sign, so he went to get it. The black man asked if I was delivering pizzas and I said I was. He asked me if it would be possible for me to take him down the road, and he would pay me.

Apparently he had gone to a wing joint across the street and got food, then called a cab, but the cab never showed. The wing place had closed, so he walked over to this hotel to see if they could call him another cab.

I asked him where he was going and he told me to another hotel that happened to be on my way back to the store, so I told him I would take him and he didn’t have to pay me because I was already going that way. He told me I would take his money or he would tie me up and shove it in my pocket. Kinky, eh? He was drunk and he had wings, so that could have been a good night.

Anyway, I took him to the other hotel and he told me on the way there that he was originally told a half hour wait on the cab, but after an hour he went to the hotel to call another one and find out what happened to his cab. He told me he was drunk and wasn’t about to lose his government job, in Alaska, due to drunk driving. He would have walked, because he’s a former Marine and he would “walk across the country if I had to,” but instead he’d rather get a ride. He was quite a good distance from his hotel.

I dropped him off and he paid me $20 for the ride. As I was leaving his hotel I noticed I was almost out of gas, and his $20 got me what I needed to finish the night at work and get home, and I still got gas left over.

Now, one good deed deserves another, right? What goes around, comes around. That’s Karma. That’s what I believe. When I thought about it afterward, I realized…

Had the first guy answered his door the first time I knocked and I didn’t have to wait for him…

Had I turned left instead of right…

Had I actually delivered the orders opposite how I delivered them, which I almost did…

I might not have ran into that guy and given him a ride and got $20 to put gas in my tank. And that, to me, is awesome.

Alternatively, whatever his path was, it lead him to me. Who knows how much longer he would have had to wait for a cab. Maybe he would have decided to walk, and maybe he would have been hit by a drunk driver and killed, or maybe he would have had a heart attack on the way there. He looked healthy, but shit happens. Maybe he would have been picked up by a cop for walking down a major street (that has no sidewalks) while drunk. Who knows what would have happened to him had I not shown up.

All of that shit is amazing to me. It all happened for a reason, and I’m thankful that it did.

4 responses to “Delivery Tales: Delivering Karma

  1. It’s funny how life works out sometimes.

  2. This story keeps me believing in Karma. Good coming from good.

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