25 Songs, Day 25

A song I could listen to all day without getting sick of.

I guess I could list quite a few songs like that. Like my favorite song ever, which was just a couple of days ago, or quite a few others. However, I’ll end this 25 day challenge with another of my favorite songs. It’s actually my casket song. Someone once asked me what that was, and it was such an interesting idea that I had to think on it, and finally came up with this one.

Your casket song, by the way, is a song that you could listen to forever. Basically, if you have the chance to listen to one song inside your casket, for the rest of eternity, what song would it be. This is mine, and my answer to todays prompt.

4 responses to “25 Songs, Day 25

  1. Not surprised that it is AC/DC…Thank you for showing up in my inbox for 25 days straight. Please come again…:-(

  2. Good song! I first heard this on the Beavis & Butthead Do America soundtrack, which has a lot of great stuff on it. Can’t say I remember the movie at all though.
    I’m kinda sad the 25 songs challenge is over. Why didn’t they make it 30?

    • Was it on the actual soundtrack? I still have the movie, which is amazingly funny, but it’s been years since I had the soundtrack and I don’t remember it being on there. But I do remember most of the other stuff, and it was a great album. I was wondering who came up with the 25 days too, cause there’s quite a few things they could have included on the list to make it a bit longer. I’m kind of upset it’s over too.

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