I Went To Moores Hill

I did, and it wasn’t by accident either. Well, I was taken there, which is sort of different. I didn’t have an agenda there, my dad did, and he’s the one who took me.

Moores Hill, Indiana is a tiny little community, also known as a town, somewhere in the same county that East Bumfuck is.

Here’s a bit of info for you! Did you know that depending on how many residents are in a place depends on what it is called? Actually there are many variables, but typically a town is bigger than a village, and smaller than a city.

Moores Hill had a population of 597 in 2010. In 2000 it had a population of 635. There’s one gas station in town, which I think is the only place of business in town. We stopped there to get beer. Since it’s in Indiana, they don’t sell cold beer and we didn’t want warm beer, so we got no beer. I’m sure I’ll get a comment from somebody about how warm beer can become cold beer, and warm beer is better than no beer, but there were reasons for us not purchasing the warm beer that I won’t get into, so don’t bother with your “no-shit” comments.

Once we left the gas station I saw a sign welcoming passersby into the town. I didn’t have a camera handy or I would have taken a picture of it, because it was picture worthy. So instead, I got a picture of it on Google Maps street view, which I’m amazed they had a street view through Moores Hill.

Of people who don't live in Moores Hill, an average of three see this sign on a monthly basis.

Of people who don’t live in Moores Hill, an average of three see this sign on a monthly basis.

That’s the sign. This town is so small and insignificant, even their sign welcomes you there and then tells you they’re home of nothing. “Welcome to Moores Hill, Home of………..”

I thought that was great. Now, I’m giving the town a little bit of shit, but in all honesty I loved it there, including the ride to get there. It’s all country, and it’s all beautiful country. That’s the sort of stuff I love. Moores Hill seemed like a place I could definitely call home. Especially since there’s fewer than 600 residents there. My kind of place.

I did a bit of research on Moores Hill (which used to be called Moores Mill, but the post office fucked that up permanently) and discovered that even though the place is tiny, it has still produced a couple of notable figures.

One was baseball great Walt “Smoke” Justis, who pitched in two games for the Detroit Tigers back in 1905.

The other is someone you MIGHT have heard of. The guy who created the Mansformation website and webisodes, where he documents his path to becoming more manly (because his wife wears the pants in the house), Logan Cummins is from Moores Hill.

So no matter how bleak your life is looking, you can always think about Moores Hill, tiny little sneeze-through-Indiana as it might be, and you can know that if a small place like that can produce someone of notoriety, then you can be someone too.

One response to “I Went To Moores Hill

  1. Warm beer can become cold beer??? Please tell me more…

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