25 Songs, Day 18

A song I love but rarely listen to.

I had to think on this one. I was going to pick a random song off of a compilation CD a friend of mine had given me years ago, until I remembered another song that I’m really fond of yet almost never listen to, so I’m going with that one.

When I first got into illegally downloading music, I used a service called iMesh. I was looking up songs by Stabbing Westward and downloaded one that said it was by them, but then after I downloaded it and really got into it I discovered it wasn’t them, rather, another band.

It turns out, Stabbing Westward has a song named “Save Yourself,” but the one I downloaded was by Sense Field. This is the only tune I’ve ever heard by them, but I dig it. I searched through a few videos on Youtube for this version, the one I have, but apparently there’s another one out there from some movie soundtrack. Eh. This is the one I like.

The idiot who put the lyrics up there, IT’S FUCKING “THAN.” That’ll be all.

5 responses to “25 Songs, Day 18

  1. Never heard this one. Like it. Didn’t do one night stands or booty calls. The lyrics spoke. That be all.

  2. Good song. Never heard of it or the band before.

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