Movie Review: Venom

Venom is a 2005 American voodoo horror-of-the-demonic film with some actors in it. I’d name them, but there’s nobody in the movie that is going to persuade you to see it. Except Method Man. See my point?

I got this movie in a pack called 19 Horror Movies Value Collection. (Not so) Amazingly, there’s almost no pictures of it online, and finding any info about it is tough. I can’t even find it on Walmart’s website, which is unusual considering I bought it at a Walmart.


I think I only paid something like $5 for it. At most, $9.99. You can get it free, apparently, from

The reason I bought it, quite obviously, is because there’s 19 fucking movies on it for whatever small price I paid. Out of 19, there has to be at least one good movie, right? Still worth what I paid. Plus, it comes with a Halloween movie and Wes Craven’s They. So I know I got a deal.

I’ve had the DVD for a few months now, so tonight I finally decided to give something from it a try. I gave the titles a look over and decided on The Legend Of Sorrow Creek. Now, I figured most of these would be low budget, terrible movies, but I swore I’d give them a good chance. When this started I appreciated the low value. It was like your buddies doing a movie, only slightly better. It had SOME production value, but after about ten minutes I couldn’t take the long, drawn out, barely acted, dialogue-fueled scenes. It just seemed like everybody had to talk, at great length, about what they were going to do, instead of just doing it. And everybody spoke with the same monotone, non-inflected speech. I couldn’t take it, so I don’t know how it turned out.

I then switched it up to Venom and saw that it was made by Dimension and The Weinstein’s, so I figured at least it would have a decent budget and might not be too bad to watch.

Venom takes place in Louisiana and is about voodoo. A voodoo priestess has been collecting the souls of bad people in a suitcase. Those souls, turned into snakes, get loose and attack the local tow truck guy, Ray. He dies, but soon comes back as a zombie serial killer guy. Not like a Dawn of the Dead type zombie, but an actual voodoo zombie.

So, he’s pissed off and he starts killing the local teen population, which is great because they need to die. What you get is a basic slasher movie, and quite frankly there aren’t enough good ones coming out anymore. Personally, I fucking loved it. It’s exactly what I want in a slasher movie.

I read some reviews after watching the movie and can only laugh at them. Reviewers tend to over think what they’re watching. I pulled these, and various other info on the movie from Wikipedia.

Kyle Smith from the New York Post wrote, “Even the undemanding high schoolers the film is aimed at will experience déjà voodoo, as Venom recites the A through Z of horror clichés. All hopes for suspense and plot twists are snuffed out about as quickly as the film’s black characters.”

First of all, there are quite a few black characters in the movie. This does take place in Louisiana, after all. Sure they’re killed in the movie, but so is everyfuckingbody else. One guy, the Sheriff, is just taken out of the movie. I thought I’d see more of him later, but no. His role is over pretty quickly, which is a shame, because I liked him.

Then there’s the young voodoo priestess in training. She survives almost to the end of the movie, which is longer than most of the white characters survived. So I don’t understand where Mr. Smith up there gets off saying the black characters are snuffed out quickly.

Unless he’s saying the suspense and plot twists AREN’T snuffed out quickly, because the black characters aren’t snuffed out quickly. I don’t know. Because honestly, you have a textbook horror flick here. I like horror flicks, and if they’re textbook, then they’re doing it right enough to be enjoyable. And this one is enjoyable. I cheered for Dead-Ray, as he killed all of worthless bastards. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bad guy to cheer on.

And plot twists? No, I don’t want many of those in a horror movie. They can be nice, but overall I just want to see a bunch of people get murdered, and a decent amount of gore. Mr. Smith, I can only suggest if you want plot twists, go watch some shitty Suspense Thriller I’m sure you get hard over.

Instead of plot twists, I want to see something I didn’t see coming. Not necessarily a twist, just something that kept me glued to the movie. Venom had enough of that. In one scene, two of the kids are running from Dead-Ray through the bayou. Dead-Ray stops running and then sinks down into the water. Suddenly they can’t see him, and all we get to see of Dead-Ray moving through the water is a little wave action. And then suddenly, and quietly, he pops up out of the water.

I wasn’t expecting that, and it was towards the end of the movie. It got an “oh shit!” out of me, and I appreciate that. Dead-Ray had a trick up his sleeve that I wasn’t expecting. Well done.

That Dead-Ray dude was pretty terrifying, and a great bad guy psycho killer. He was definitely intimidating.

There was some shoddy CGI, but otherwise, the whole movie was cool. I think if you’re a fan of horror movies, slashers in particular, you’ll really enjoy this. And if you don’t, go turn on a Suspense Thriller with Kyle Smith and hold each others junk while you watch it.

Hell, I wouldn’t even be opposed to seeing a lower budget, direct to DVD sequel to this. Why the hell not?

I give this 8 of 10 stars.

3 responses to “Movie Review: Venom

  1. I am a huge fan of slasher movies…especially low budget. They never fail to make me laugh. I will checking this out!

  2. Sounds good but kinda like a comedy…

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