Why Follow Me On Twitter?

You should follow me on Twitter. I can’t promise tons of fun at all hours of the day, but I can promise interesting things every now and then. Just like this, that happened just now…


Seriously, my bill was $180. To break it down, it had been $50, then our new bill tacked on $130. My wife and I paid $130 to take our bill back down to $50. Almost a week later, Time Warner Cable shut us off. Over $50. They got $130, but what they really wanted was the $50.

There was no warning that I’m aware of. We didn’t have a disconnect notice. So my wife had to call them with what few minutes I had left on my cell phone to work out a payment plan for the last $50 in order to get service back on. That payment plan is that we’re going to pay them the $50 this weekend, which we were already going to do.

So, fuck Time Warner. I fucking hate them. As if their business was going to shut down over $50. $130 isn’t enough. That’s greed. Especially since we’ve been keeping up with our bill for the last few months.

Did I call Cincinnati Bell? Hell no, they suck more than Time Warner. We had their service before, and we’ll never do that shit again. I just thought I’d say it to Time Warner, you know, to be an asshole. If they’re going to be one to us, I’m going to be one to them.

So never mind they shut us off, and never mind my wife had to use what little minutes I had left on my cell phone to call them to get that shit all worked out, BUT, her conversation with them woke me up from the sleep I needed before going to work tonight. It’s all Time Warner Cable’s fault.

Fuck you Time Warner Cable, fuck you.

Time Warner, this finger's for you.

Time Warner, this finger’s for you.

7 responses to “Why Follow Me On Twitter?

  1. I bet who the dude is on the Time Warner Twitter account is apologizing A LOT.

  2. I follow you on Twitter, but you don’t love me over there, lol 🙂

    I do not know the details, but I do believe Time-Warner bought Comcast, and I have Comcast. From what I gathered, they’re both so incredibly awful, it doesn’t matter.

  3. Ugh yeah, that poor guy. Time warner did merge with Comcast…who knows who is king in that monopoly clusterfuck…do not pass go…pay your 200 dollars…and then some.

    • Yeah, it’s amazing to me. There’s supposed to be that law against companies having monopolies on certain markets, yet it seems that only a few big companies own everything. ::coughDISNEYcough::

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