Butchered Shop

As I mentioned in my last post, I used to work at a butcher shop with an asshole of a boss. Well, here’s the story.

We were friends, and he was a good friend to have. On his good days, when he was cool to be around, he was awesome to be around. I miss that part of him. But I will never experience that again, because I refuse to be around him when he’s being an asshole.

When he was being cool, he would do things like, make me a care package full of food and give it to me when my wife and I had nothing to eat at home. He paid for my car to get worked on so I could have a car to drive and get back and forth to work. He GAVE ME A JOB when nobody else would. At one point I was basically told I had another job working with computers making really good money. I talked to him about it and told him I was thinking of going there. He offered me more money to stay, so I did.

On the flip side, he was the kind of person who would make up a scenario in his head, get pissed about it, and stay pissed. He would get pissed over something he made up in his mind. And that would ruin his day. This happened all the time.

Toward the end of my employment there he gained a new habit of whistling at me to get my attention. He also whistled at customers to get their attention.

You see, he was a mumbler when he spoke. I wasn’t the only one who bitched to him about it, his wife did all the time. Everybody did. He mumbled when he spoke, and people told him constantly. Instead of speaking up, he blamed us for not being able to hear. So when he would mumble at somebody and they didn’t hear him, he’d whistle to get their attention.

I told him once that I wasn’t a fucking dog and to stop whistling at me like I was. He continued.

He also thought he told me things all the time and then yelled at me for not doing those things that he never actually told me to do. And I’d tell him he never told me to do those things and he’d say he did.

But because he was the boss, he was NEVER WRONG. He told me this. I wasn’t allowed to say otherwise. He had actually fired an employee, a manager, for arguing against his word. So when he thought he told me to do something, then yelled at me for not doing it, and I said he never told me to do it, I was wrong and he was right. I was, apparently, supposed to read his mind.

I see a therapist, and at the time, I saw her once a month. Because of the clinic I go to, I had only one time to see my therapist, and that was first thing in the morning during the week. Or, during regular business hours at the shop. I told him in advance when I had to see my therapist so he could make arrangements to have help come in, but as I said before, I was his only full time employee. He couldn’t get anybody else most of the time.

I had to see my therapist in order to continue getting the medication I needed to suppress my desire to murder people, and he was on the top of that list. But since my well being was interfering with his business, he told me I would have to see my therapist while I wasn’t working. When I said that wasn’t an option, he told me I had to stop seeing my therapist.

I had customers tell me they loved me, because I was personable and made sure they were happy. They disliked him because he was the opposite. He only wanted their money. If he could make money without having customers come into the store, he would go that route. I’m sure of it.

Because he’s not an outgoing person. He never was. He always kept to himself and would never start a conversation. If you went to him and started talking to him, he’d open up and have a great talk with you. But he would never initiate it. I don’t know how he ever got girlfriends, let alone a wife. Especially his wife, whom he tells is fat and needs to lose weight. Yup.

Because he lent me money to fix my car, and he let his employees take products home on a tab, I had quite a big tab I was working off. Every week he’d only pay me for so many hours and put the rest towards my tab. If I worked overtime he would put that OT towards the tab. He was a trooper for his business, I’ll give him that. He worked open to close every day the store was open, and he almost always never took home a paycheck, because the store almost never made any money.

And as far as being a butcher went, he’s great. I can’t say if I’ve ever watched another butcher cut meat, but holy shit, he knew how to cut meat. He could carve up a side of cow in no time, damn near with his eyes shut. He was definitely a genius with a knife, and I’m sure he’s now working for some other shop and he’s actually taking home a check. I hope he is. But he should never EVER own his own business that deals with people, because he has no idea how to do that.

As I mentioned in my last post about this, while I was there we discussed how at work he was my boss and I was his employee. Outside of work we were friends. Yet when he fired me he removed me from his friends list. So if we WERE friends at work, then I should have smashed his face in for talking to me the way he did, because I don’t let anybody talk to me that way. My parents don’t talk to me that way.

Here’s some stories. One day we had just opened the shop. He was cutting meat for the display case and I was getting another case ready. A customer came in I had never seen before. She had just won a pork loin at a turkey shoot and asked me if we could cut it up for her and how much it would cost. Now, at that time I was fully capable of cutting up the loin myself, and most likely would have been the one to do it. But I didn’t know how much we charged for that since it wasn’t something we did a lot of for people. I went and asked him how much and when/if we could even do it. He went from calm to pissed in an instant. He yelled at me, saying how he had too much to do and didn’t know if he could fit it in or when.

I went back to the customer, who had heard everything, and told her I wasn’t sure when we could do it that day but that we would call her when it was ready. I can’t remember the price, it wasn’t much, but I told her that too and she left. Amazingly, right after he was done doing what he was doing, he had me cut up her pork loin. It was ready an hour after she dropped it off. And I never saw her again after that.

He was always complaining about not having enough business and not making enough money, yet that’s how he was with new customers and chances to make money.

Another story, my allergies were in full swing, as they normally are in the spring, and I had a sinus infection. I was dizzy and could barely move. But because there was no other employees to call in, I had to go to work. I got no sick time. It was first thing in the morning, he was cutting meat and I was standing behind him, leaning up against one of the sinks. I asked him what needed done. He told me. I leaned forward off of the sink and had to steady myself, because I was dizzy and near falling over. It couldn’t have been three seconds after he told me what needed to get done, he turned and yelled at me for not going off to do it, knowing I was sick and dizzy.

Another time, I can’t remember now exactly what it was that we were arguing about, he told me to go home or he would fire me because I was absolutely standing my ground on whatever it was. He was lucky I came back the next day.

Yet another story. This happened before I started there. His dad would work on the weekends to help him out. Not because he needed the money, he made good money at his full time job during the week. He did it to help his son. On one of the major ham holidays, maybe Easter, the week before was always busy with people picking up their orders. The one Easter I worked was chaos. The boss man pissed off his dad so much his dad walked out on him, when I’m sure he absolutely needed the help the most.

The point here is, he sucked as a boss, an owner, and a friend. I appreciate everything positive he did for me, but have to explain why I got fired.

I started going in late. I had my alarm set, had more than enough time to get up, get awake, get dressed and go to work. Yet almost every morning, I wouldn’t wake up. It was like my body was telling me it didn’t want me to be treated like a piece of shit all day, so it wouldn’t let me wake up. I literally woke up in the fetal position on many mornings, because I just didn’t want to go in and deal with him and how he treated me.

He warned me over and over not to be late, and I continued to be late. It wasn’t intentional, at least consciously. But my subconscious had other plans, apparently. I worked on it, and for a month straight I was on time or early. And then one day I woke up late, like 10 minutes after the store had opened. I was really late that day. I texted him to tell him I was sorry and that I was on my way and he said not to bother. I thanked him, because I couldn’t quit, even though I wanted to. I had to be fired. Maybe that was my body, or my brain, making it happen when I couldn’t. I don’t know, but it was a blessing being let go from there.

Now, to help prove a point… of all the jobs I’ve ever had, I’ve never been late to any of them except for that one. I showed up late a few times to my radio job, but it wasn’t so late that I missed anything important. Other than that I was always early to my jobs, and I still am. The job I had after that one, I would go in a half hour early, sometimes an hour early, just because. And that job was right down the street from the butcher shop.

The fact is, I don’t like being late. I hate it. If I have to be somewhere, I want to be there early to make sure I’m there on time. Period. I’ve always been that way. I was late so many times to his job because of HIM. He only has himself to blame for that. But I know better, he won’t blame himself, because he’s never wrong.

After I left there I applied for unemployment and he said he would agree to it if I promised to pay back the debt I owed him on my tab. I said I would, until I saw how much I was getting for unemployment. It wasn’t enough to put gas in my car week to week, let alone pay back any debts. I then told him I was going to get food stamps for the first time in my adult life. I was up for the most that I could get, but all I needed was for him to fill out one piece of paper for me. I told him if he did that, I’d spend my food stamps at his store and give him extra from it to pay back the debt.

Oh yeah, he did that. If you had food stamps, he’d let you take out money in exchange for the food stamps. Yes that’s illegal, but he didn’t do it for many, and it was never for much, maybe $10 or $20. So I told him I’d get like $50 in food and then give him $50, he wouldn’t even have to give me money back. He could just charge me whatever and he’d get it in his account the next day.

Well, he never filled out that paper for me, so I didn’t get food stamps. So my wife and I struggled for a while to have anything to eat because of that.

Because of all of that, I still owe him money. And I do intend to pay him back, that’s no lie. But because he wanted to show me we weren’t friends anymore, because he wanted to fuck me over on the food stamps, because he was a miserable prick to work for, because he treated me like shit, he’ll get that money when he gets it. And it might be some time before we both die.

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  1. What a miserable ass…

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