25 Songs, Day 13

A song that reminds me of a former friend.

I don’t really have former friends, just friends I don’t talk to anymore. This might be tough. I’m sure at some point I pissed someone off and we were no longer friends from then on. I just don’t know…

OH! It just came to me. I used to work at a butcher shop. The guy who owned and ran it, my boss, was an old friend of mine. We grew up together, having become friends in the second grade, and our friendship lasted all the way to graduation.

After graduation he did his things and I went off to do mine. Sadly we never really spoke or hung out after that, but we did run into each other every now and then and exchanged pleasantries. And then one day we became friends on Facebook and he saw I was unemployed. He called me up and offered me a job.

To be fair, he did say my boss would be an asshole. I had to question him on that, to make sure he was talking about himself. He said he was.

The problem with working with him was, he’s bipolar and doesn’t know it. We’d have great times in the shop, because eventually we were the only two working together, from open to close, five days a week. I saw him more than I saw my wife.

In that time I learned quite a bit. He wasn’t the same person I went to school with and hung out with. Well, he was when he was in a good mood. But then a hat would drop, as the saying goes, and he’d be the biggest dickhead in the world. For no reason that I could see, other than he just was. He didn’t care if he was rude to customers, or if customers heard him yelling at me over nothing. He didn’t care.

His business was floundering because nobody really wanted to deal with him. I had three different regular customers, on three different days, tell me they only shopped there because I was there. One specifically told me if she had to deal with my boss every time she came in she wouldn’t shop there. And I got it. He wasn’t personable.

He yelled at me all the time for talking to customers. “They want to come in, get their stuff and get out. They don’t want to be talking all day.” That’s what he thought, and that’s how he treated them. He’d get their shit and that was it. Not so much as a smile most of the time.

Oh, I could go on and on about this guy and likely will in another post dedicated just to his shit. Let’s just say there were many days when I should have broke his face for talking to me the way he did, but I didn’t, because I needed the job. And honestly, working with him wasn’t so bad when he was in a good mood. But during the maybe 30% of the time he was in a bad mood, it was worse than the 70% of the time he was in a good mood.

As far as not breaking his face… I told him and he told me… we were friends outside of the work place, but at work he was my boss and I was his employee. Sure, I get that. But never mind needing the job, I didn’t break his face because he was my friend. As a friend he shouldn’t have been talking to me like he did, but whatever. Maybe I held his friendship higher than he held mine.

So if outside of work we were friends and not co-workers, then how is it after he fired me he removed me from his friends list on Facebook? Oh, I thought we weren’t friends at work, asshole. We haven’t spoken since, and his store went out of business. I wonder why.

With that said, here’s my song to him. Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to write a piece about him. I’ve been putting it off for too long and now I’m all pissed off.

If it matters to you, the lyrics in this aren’t entirely right.

They aren’t:
I’m taking pleasure in the doubts I pass to you,
So listen up cause you might miss…

They are:
I’m taking pleasure in announcing this to you,
So listen up as you bite this.

3 responses to “25 Songs, Day 13

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  2. I checked the CD booklet for this album because I remembered that it had the song lyrics, and it doesn’t even list that verse with the misheard lyrics. Why would they do that?

    • Not sure lol, but I remember back when I had that CD and I remember the lyrics to that song not being there or complete. I know the lyrics cause I have the official tab book for guitar for that album, and all the lyrics are there.

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