Allergies Suck

I’ve had terrible allergies my entire life. I’m pretty sure if I were allergic to one more thing I’d have to live in a plastic bubble.

Well, at least I wouldn't be a Scientologist.

Well, at least I wouldn’t be a Scientologist.

Seriously, I’m allergic to shit that nobody should be allergic to. Like oak trees, dairy products, dogs, cats, birds, bullshit. It’s terrible. Typically every spring I can count on the fact that I’m going to have a sinus infection, I’m going to be completely miserable and useless for a month, and I can only get better if I get medicine that has to be prescribed to me from a doctor.

Except the medicine I need, they don’t easily hand out, and it always costs me an arm and a leg just to do a doctors visit, just to have the prescription written for me, when in reality I should just be able to call them up and say “I need help” and fifteen minutes later I could go to my pharmacy and get my stuff. And I swear to jeebus if one more hack of a “doctor” tells me to try Mucinex I’m going to snap their fucking neck. OH REALLY?! I HAVEN’T THOUGHT TO TRY EVERYTHING READILY AVAILABLE TO ME. Asshat.

Luckily for me, this year anyway, I haven’t had any issues other than the occasional sneeze, which has to go down in the history books. I mean, sinus infection is something I can count on, every year, most of the time twice a year. Not having one in the spring has to be a sign of the impending apocalypse.

With that said, I just discovered a list of 2014’s 50 worst spring allergy cities on The Weather Channel’s website. You can go there to see the actual score of each city (#50 scored 67.8 while #1 scored 100) and a picture of each city, except I wouldn’t trust the pictures so much. For instance, I had no idea Philadelphia looked just like St. Louis.

So here’s the list of cities from 50 to 1. I can’t believe Cincinnati didn’t make the list. It’s okay, though, because the entire rest of Ohio did. Seriously, no other state represented this list quite like Ohio, with 6 of the 50 worst cities.

50. Austin, Texas
49. Springfield, Massachusetts
48. Allentown, Pennsylvania
47. Charlotte, North Carolina
46. Greenville, South Carolina
45. Portland, Maine
44. Albany, New York
43. Bridgeport, Connecticut
42. Madison, Wisconsin
41. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
40. Cleveland, Ohio
39. Hartford, Connecticut
38. Los Angeles, California
37. Toledo, Ohio
36. Grand Rapids, Michigan
35. Youngstown, Ohio
34. Jacksonville, Florida
33. Detroit, Michigan
32. Akron, Ohio
31. Augusta, Georgia
30. Charleston, South Carolina
29. New Haven, Connecticut
28. Houston, Texas
27. Syracuse, New York
26. Buffalo, New York
25. Nashville, Tennessee
24. Greensboro, North Carolina
23. Columbus, Ohio
22. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
21. Little Rock, Arkansas
20. St. Louis, Missouri
19. Tulsa, Oklahoma
18. New Orleans, Louisiana
17. Providence, Rhode Island
16. Knoxville, Tennessee
15. San Antonio, Texas
14. Columbia, South Carolina
13. New York, New York
12. Wichita, Kansas
11. Dayton, Ohio
10. McAllen, Texas
9. Birmingham, Alabama
8. Richmond, Virginia
7. Dallas, Texas
6. Chattanooga, Tennessee
5. Jackson, Mississippi
4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2. Memphis, Tennessee
1. Louisville, Kentucky

13 responses to “Allergies Suck

  1. I was actually planning to ask the pharmacist if I could take Mucinex with my Zyrtec and Flonase tomorrow. All it took was one night of post-nasal drip to turn me into a hackin freak! My mother told me today that she received a medical email about how our extreme cold winter will make allergies worse this year. I CAN FEEL IT.

    • Yeah, in the article I pulled this from a doctor was quoted as saying that. I was always told if we had a good long freezing winter that all of the allergens would be destroyed and spring wouldn’t be so bad, but he said differently. I’m absolutely amazed I haven’t had a sinus problem yet this spring. This would be the first year that I can remember not having an issue in the spring, in my entire life.

  2. That sucks. They should do the top states instead of cities. Ohio should be #1.

  3. I don’t know if you’ve tried it yet, but ever since I started taking Zyrtec my allergies have barely affected me.

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