25 Songs, Day 12

I can’t lie, I did up the first 11 days the day before the first day. So now I’m back at it, technically on day 9. Because I don’t want to get backed up! So just imagine this is day 12 and here we go.

The last song I heard.

I don’t want to repeat myself with bands, so I’m not going to. I really do listen to a diverse pool of music and artists, but always in bulk. Because I listen to CD’s while I drive mostly, I’m always listening to one band at a time, usually for many days at a time. I just listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival for like a week, and just yesterday switched it up to Bare Jr. Since I already posted Bare Jr., I think I’m going to go with a song I heard before I listened to them and CCR.

This is Traffic. Another beast of a band by the legendary Steve Winwood. This is one of their hits and one of my favorite songs by them. They’re also largely known for the song The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, which also dominates.

Normally I listen to a live version of this song cause I dig how bands back in the day jammed out when playing live, and Traffic knew how to jam. This, of course, is still a great tune regardless (and still jams for a studio recording).

My dad and a buddy of his have a tradition. When they go to this one particular tavern for some good food and a few drinks, on their way home they listen to Low Spark because it lasts as long as their drive does. My dad wanted me to make him a CD with that on it cause his was destroyed. When I did that I had to jam out to Traffic, so that’s why this is here. I hope you enjoyed, I know classic rock isn’t everybody’s thing, especially that jammy stuff.

15 responses to “25 Songs, Day 12

  1. I had never heard this before. This is a good song. I also didn’t know Steve Winwood was ever part of a band. I always thought he was just a solo artist.

  2. Good stuff. This is one that reminds me of being small and swayin in front of speakers bigger than I. They still play it on Q95 now and again.

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