25 Songs, Day 10

A song by my favorite band.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. I’ve already posted songs by three of my favorite bands. Like, my three favorite bands. AC/DC, CCR, and Bare Jr.

Let me look ahead on the list to see if a certain song will need to be used for another prompt…

Shit, it will be coming on day 21.

OH SHIT! I almost forgot about my fourth favorite band ever*, and my favorite song by them!!! WOOHOO!!!

*My favorite bands are not ranked, they are all equal in my eyes.

4 responses to “25 Songs, Day 10

  1. Learning to Fly was one of those songs I loved as soon as I heard it. Unusual for me. Still love it.

    • When I was a kid I hated it. Don’t know why. Back then I didn’t know who Floyd was, or anybody really. But when I’d hear it I hated it. Same with their song “Mother.” Then the more I heard it the more I liked it and now it’s my favorite by them lol. So weird.

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