Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

I only had to think for a minute before it came to me. Sometimes I hear certain words that crack me up, or phrases, but the one that always gets me, no matter what mood I’m in or even if I just woke up…

I believe I’ve only heard my grandmother say it, and maybe only once, but I remember exactly what she was talking about and how I couldn’t stop laughing.

She had purchased a ham hock for my dog Angus and gave it to him as a treat. Never mind me telling her that was terrible for him to eat, she insisted on “treating” him and giving him one a day for over a year. Well, after that first one I asked her how he liked it and she responded with…

“Oh, he garbaged it down.”

Just typing it made me laugh. He garbaged it down. I don’t even know where to begin on why this is so funny to me, but holy shit, it gets me every time. I never say it, and I don’t hear people say it, but if I see someone eating something fast, or if I eat something fast, sometimes I think of that phrase and I start to laugh.

Thanks for the memories and the laughs, grandma.

8 responses to “Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

  1. That IS funny! I’d laugh too 🙂

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