25 Songs, Day 6

A song that reminds you of a best friend.

I’m a huge fan of Bobby Bare Jr. and all of the music he has made over the years. Well, as far as my friends go, I’m pretty much alone there. I understand he’s got a style that can be hard to get or swallow for many, but sometimes it’s hard for me to deal with others who don’t find him as awesome as I do. I understand, but sometimes it sucks. Basically when he comes out with new music I feel like I got nobody to talk to about it or share it with.

Years ago when I first got into him and his music, he had his band Bare Jr. and they had just put out a hit song “You Blew Me Off” which found its way to movie soundtracks and nationwide radio air play. I had to hunt it down, but eventually I found the CD and played the shit out of it. A friend of mine, one of the best friends I’ve ever had, was really digging the song “Why Won’t You Love Me?”

Because it’s not on Youtube, I went to Groove Shark and found it, only to discover I can’t use their embed feature here on WordPress. So if you really want to hear it (cause I’m sure you’re listening to every song I post anyway, right?) here’s a direct link to it on Groove Shark. Don’t pay much attention to the info they have of the song… it wasn’t done by BBJ’s Young Criminals Starvation League, it was on the first album by Bare Jr. called Boo-Tay.

Anyway, my buddy really loved this tune and he passed away from cancer, gah, so many years ago now. But every time I hear this song I think of him.

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