25 Songs, Day 5

A song that is often stuck in my head.

Well, this is going to be tough. Because usually it’s many different songs, but lately it would have to be this one…

This is just a classic R&B tune recorded by a million artists over the years, and CCR is one of my favorite bands ever, so naturally I love their version. Recently I’ve been listening to Green River, the album this is from, and no matter what song I hear last, this is the one I have stuck in my head.

9 responses to “25 Songs, Day 5

  1. I love CCR. I really need to familiarize myself with their actual albums though, instead of just the random assortment of songs I got from them back when file-sharing programs were a thing, many years ago.

    • I had to do the same. While a huge fan, as a kid I only had their Chronicles album which was a best of CD, and Cosmo’s Factory. Recently I got all of their albums and now I’m finding all of their other music is so amazingly awesome, it’s crazy to think they could actually put out a best of. I do believe they did put out two Chronicles though, but there should have been 10, covering all of their tunes.

  2. I like a bit of CCR.

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  4. Song i have stuck in my head…Congos come with me now…I like this one better.

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