Now On Facebook!

I think I lost a bet. Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m high. I’m not sure which. Maybe I’m really bored. Regardless, if you’re fan enough of this blog and you have yourself one of those Facebook accounts and you just REALLY like liking shit on Facebook, well now is your chance to like this blog on Facebook! Just go to Facebook and like it!


I was going to add a thingy here for you to click so you didn’t even have to go to Facebook to do it, which would be amazing since going to Facebook can be a chore, but it wouldn’t work. I know, completely blows my mind that something involving Facebook wouldn’t work. So now you have to do it the old fashioned way.

Go to Facebook, hunt down my page, hunt down the Like button on said page, click it.

Or you can go the easier route and just click this link.

Amazing things await you there! Just kidding, it’s Facebook. But it’s ME on Facebook, so the Facebook stock just went up ten fold. Go like the page now, all your friends are doing it. They’re also jumping off of bridges. I think you know where I’m going with this.

7 responses to “Now On Facebook!

  1. Haha and oh no! Lost another one to Facebook…That is one bridge I won’t be jumping from, no matter how drunk I get.

    • Yeah, and I’m totally envious of you. I wish I could live a Facebook free life. Actually this last week or two I haven’t posted on Facebook at all really, maybe once or twice, and only to promote a post here. Maybe I created the page for this blog so I could be more active on Facebook again, which is sad cause I hate the place so much. In any case, keep it up. Don’t give in. It’s not worth it. I’m sure you’re a much better and happier person without it. Again, I wish I could go without.

      • I must resist! Good to see ya posting more often…

      • What, here? It won’t last lol. I think I made three posts today and that’s gotta be some sort of record. Although to be fair the first one was written a few days ago and scheduled to post today, so I guess I only wrote two today. I actually wish I could post every day on here, there’s just nothing to write about.

      • I will always be here to read…and yay, I get 21 more music posts. There is always something to write about and you do it well.

      • Thank you. I am actually dealing with writer’s block right now. I’m powering through it, but holy shit it’s a struggle. Writing used to be so easy for me, but it really is tough now. I’m glad you enjoy it. Do you know that saying, “If I could just reach ONE PERSON, then it would all be worth it…” I’m that way lol. I’m glad I have one regular reader. And I know I have a couple. Makes it worth it.

  2. Calm down, Beavis. I already followed you there. Geez…

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