Follow That Light!

I’m going to take a break here from songs to write about something that just happened whilst on my way home from work, but let me start it off by asking you, the reader, a question.

Have you ever experienced things that weren’t really strange but just kind of had a hint of strange, but then you experienced several of them in a row and collectively the strangeness all added up to one glorious strange thing?

I know I have, and this was one of them. Not overly strange, just out of the ordinary. It kind of gave me an “eh” feeling, which is what I’m hoping you get out of this. That’s kind of the theme here at the House o’ Fun, isn’t it?

So it’s 5 AM on a Sunday morning and I’m heading home from work. I got on the highway (for you locals, Twindaddy I’m looking at you, south 71 from the Mason area) and I quickly notice a spot light in the sky. Years ago a buddy of mine and I used to drive around all hours of the night for fun, and if we ever happened to see a spot light we would go chase it until we found it. Those usually ended up being pretty fun nights. So now when I see one it makes me want to go find it, but lately I bypass it and just remember days of my youth and cheaper gas prices.

I’m pretty familiar, because of those days, of how spot lights behave. The one I saw this morning was a little off. For one, it was fast. It was flying around on the clouds in the sky like a chinchilla on speed. And two, it didn’t have a distinct path that they always have. It was random and spotty.

Now, because I used to go chasing after them, I’m also pretty good at judging just where they’re originating from. This one I figured to be coming up from near a high school that I was just about to pass on the highway. The road the school sits on has a bunch of businesses down the road from it, most of which are big office buildings or factory type places. Still though, any one of them could have a spot light. You never know where those bat signals sans bat signal are going to pop up.


I got to the high school and passed it, yet I continued to see the light, flashing around in the sky, quickly, randomly. It was so random that quite a time would go by before I would see it again, and then finally, I did see it again. This time I figured that it was coming from a hotel up ahead which sat immediately off of the next exit. There are plenty of businesses over there for a spot light to be at. However, the exit and the hotel are far enough away from that high school that I would have noticed a difference. My immediate thought as I neared the exit was, that spot light has to be down there because I can see the beam brightly and that’s where it’s coming from, but… has it moved?

I literally thought the spot light had moved. Like, there was a truck with an active spot light on the back of it driving down the highway at a very fast speed. Faster than any truck hauling an active, overactive spot light should be traveling. Hell, maybe there just happened to be two overactive spot lights shining up in the sky. Maybe, maybe.

I drove past that exit on my way home and I didn’t see the spot light again. UNTIL I got onto the next highway I needed to go home. I swore I saw a light fly by in the sky up ahead of me. Now that was just ludicrous. That truck driver must be on the same crack as the light is. Maybe he’s a traveling crack salesman and he’s making his rounds, selling his crack. The spot light is like his ice cream truck music, only instead of music, which at 5 AM might wake the neighbors and get the wrong people’s attention, it’s a silent spot light that only those up at this time of morning will see. People going to work, coming home from work, and crack heads. Well played crack salesman, well played.

I continued on that highway until I got to my exit and I didn’t notice the spot light again, but that’s when incident number two happened.

Keep in mind, I’ve been traveling this way for a long time, at all hours of the day and night, especially at 5 o’clock on a Sunday morning. I’ve never seen this, ever. I drove down the road and I was coming up on the next highway (yes, there are a lot of highways near my house, I can get everywhere quickly) when I see up ahead a school bus turn off of a side street onto the one I was on, heading my direction, towards the upcoming highway. As I got closer to that side street another school bus pulled up to the intersection but had to wait for me to pass before it could turn onto the street I was on. That’s when I looked up ahead and saw the line of school buses waiting to turn onto the highway.

The one I passed was full of people, I couldn’t tell in the dark if they were kids or adults or inmates or what, but as I drove up alongside the buses I noticed they were all full of people and there were easily over ten buses. In my rear view I saw yet another turn off of that street. Sure there are explanations, it was just out of the ordinary and a little bit strange, is what I’m saying.

Down that side street, I’m not very familiar with that particular area, but I know most of it is a big subdivision. There are a few factory type businesses back there, and maybe a smaller school, probably a hundred churches cause they’re on almost every corner around here, but none of those possibilities made sense to me. Nothing stood out. Why would that many people be on buses, coming from that area, at this time and day? And just where the hell were they heading? Southbound I-75, that much I know.

So I continued on my way and nothing else seemed to be strange or unusual. I drove down the main road to my street and saw nothing strange. I pulled onto my street and saw nothing strange. I pulled into my driveway, shut off the car and got out. And there, up in the sky, was another fucking spot light.

I would like to have ended this piece there, as that would have been a good place to stop. Maybe get you to chuckle a bit. Maybe give you that “eh” feeling that I was striving for in the beginning`. But the more I think about it, the more that last spot light doesn’t make any sense.

It was behind my house and the only thing of significance in that direction is the second highway I was on. Had I stayed on it instead of exiting so many miles back, I would have eventually driven past the back of my house. Other than that there’s nothing over there but houses and woods. No businesses. Just why is there a spot light over there?

If I wasn’t tired and already home, I would have gone after that one. Strange… since I have nothing to do tomorrow night… well, tonight, I might have to take a trip to go find all of those spot lights and put an end to this charade. And quite possibly buy some crack. I bet I find a shitload of buses at one of those spot lights.

10 responses to “Follow That Light!

  1. Very odd. People saw some kind of UFO the other night off of I-90 here. It turned out to be a drone.
    This is all kinds of strange. Bus loads of people…strange spotlights? Hope you see the spotlights again and can update us. Just don’t get stolen.

  2. This is an omen of the zombie apocalypse. I should’ve known it would start here.

  3. I do hope you’ll see it again, track it down, and tell us wtf it was!

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