25 Songs, Day 2

More of the challenge. Todays prompt is a song that reminds me of my most recent ex-girlfriend.

That would be Kiki. Her and I dated before I met my wife. She was this cute little black chick I met in a Frisch’s drive-thru. I stopped for lunch and she served me. She saw the hatchet man, a logo for the Insane Clown Posse, on my wallet. Because back then I was a fan. Turned out she was a fan. She gave me her number and I called.

Now, this song should be ICP, but it’s not. It’s Alice In Chains. Because I picked her up one day only to find she was a fan of them, which surprised me. I’m pretty sure this was the song I was listening to when I found out.

Anyway, that was then (almost 10 years ago now, yeesh) and this is now. I’m still a fan of Alice In Chains (and this is my favorite song by them), but not so much ICP. And every now and then I think about Kiki, and wonder how she’s doing. We didn’t split on bad terms. I wasn’t quite ready for a relationship when I thought I was, and we ended on a good note. So I do hope her the best, and maybe one day we’ll run into each other again.

18 responses to “25 Songs, Day 2

  1. Love the don’t. Hope.kiki is doing well too.

  2. Wow. The Frisch’s drive thru. That’s a neat little story.

    • Thank you, yeah, it was cool. She actually wasn’t serving me, I remembered after I posted the story, another girl was but noticed it and went off to tell her and then she showed up and talked to me for like 10 minutes in the drive-thru, holding up customers lol. It was funny. That was also the second time I met a girlfriend at the fast food place where she worked. I think that says I spend too much time at fast food places.

  3. Great pick! Probably my favorite Alice in Chains song too. Much better song than my day 2 of this challenge.

    • You doing yours on Facebook? I haven’t been around there much lately. Trying to disconnect from it I think. I’ll have to go check yours out. Yeah, it’s a good one. I guess I got lucky lol.

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