25 Songs, Day 1

Today is the first day of the 25 Songs, 25 Days challenge, and it is to be a song from my childhood.

Now, I have a very diverse taste in music, as a lot of music lovers do, and I was trying to think about what song was big in my childhood. There was, of course, the New Kids On The Block, which back then was actually a favorite of mine. Believe it. But I wanted to go farther back, so I did. I was a fan of the Jackson 5 but not of a specific song. And then it hit me…

My dad and I used to drive around a lot. It was one of the things we did together. And while we drove around, music was always on. Back then it was WEBN, a local rock station that used to be awesome. I must have been between 4 and 6 years old and we had been out one beautiful sunny day driving around. This came on the radio and I liked it so much I went home singing it. My dad had me sing it to my mom and she thought it was awesome. Ever since then this has been my favorite Doors song.

Also, today is my wife and I’s wedding anniversary, so I say to my wife, “Hello, I love you, but I already know your name.” Yeah, not very romantic, but I tried.

8 responses to “25 Songs, Day 1

  1. Love the song. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary, man! I’ve never been a huge The Doors fan, but I like a couple of their songs. This is a cool memory, though.

  3. Great memory. I used to love driving around with the radio blaring. Can’t do that much anymore because my boys are always asking me to turn it down. Which is kind of weird, and a little backwards, but still kinda funny. I’m waiting to see if they start shaking sticks at the other kids in the neighborhood and screaming “GET OFF MY LAWN!” before I make the decision of whether or not they’re reincarnated grumpy old men. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy Anniversary!

    • LOL That’s great. Well, we never really had it blaring, it would just be on. We would enjoy the day. Typically he would take me past places where he grew up and he would tell me stories about growing up. His stories are epic.

  4. aw happy anni to you and yours. not a big Doors fan but that’s definitely a great tune… and what an awesome little memory.

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