25 Songs Challenge

I was recruited by Twindaddy (not true, I signed up randomly) to do this challenge thingy. The challenge isn’t so much being able to come up with songs for 25 days (even though that is a challenge cause some of them require having an itunes playlist and I don’t cause fuck Apple) but to make a post for 25 straight days. That’s something I’ve never done, ever. But, I think I can manage it. I mean really, the list has already been made of the 25 posts, so if I complete 3 or 4 or 15 in one day and set them to post each day, then all of my work can be done in one or two days. That’s how you play the system.

Here’s the list, and if you’re a blogger type of person (and I know some of you bastards are) and you want to join in, just do it. Nike.


The first day of the thing is May 1st and you make a post each day for 25 straight days. Them be the rules. Thanks Twindaddy over at yon Stuph Blog for getting me involved. It was either “thanks” or “fuck you,” but this should be fun so “thanks” it is.

13 responses to “25 Songs Challenge

  1. It was either “thanks” or “fuck you,”

    I get a lot of both…

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to see your songs! Lol@ thanks or fuck you.

  3. I did this years ago on FB, but I think it was a 30-day challenge. I dunno if I’ll do it, because I’ve done A-Z for April, and ugh. lol I’ll let you know.

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  7. So where are you posting your 25 songs?

  8. Derp. Never mind. Found it. 😛

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