Let Me Tell You Why I’m Right: My Thoughts on the Whole No Make-Up Selfie Thing

Rob may be a Simple kind of guy, but his thoughts are not… uh… simple. While I haven’t seen this no makeup selfie thing yet (and I’m sure I will cause everyone on Facebook is a fucking lemming anymore) what he says here is great. Unless you’re making a difference for charity, you’re doing nothing but boosting your own ego, so knock it off.

Still R.O.B.

I recently noticed that my Facebook feed was inundated with photos of my lady friends with no make-up on. Actually, that’s not quite true: first I noticed an abundance of people moaning about their Facebook feed being inundated with photos of lady friends with no make-up on.

Ever the intrepid journalist, I dug deeper and discovered that the whole thing was apparently part of a new campaign (read: internet fad) to raise awareness for breast cancer. You know, in case you’d never heard of it, before.

This initially struck me as odd, because I couldn’t for the life of me work out a correlation between breast cancer –or cancer of any variety– and putting up a photo of yourself with no make-up on. Then I noticed people saying how proud they were of all the brave women doing it.

Fuck. Off.

There is nothing brave about not wearing make-up, and…

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