Delivery Tales: Miraculous Man

Nothing interesting has been happening lately on deliveries, other than people being complete idiots. We often get calls like this:

US: Would you like a pick-up order, or delivery?
THEM: Delivery.
US: Ok, what is your phone number?
THEM: I live in Mason.
US: Ok, what is your phone number?
THEM: It’s back in the Deer Hills subdivision off of Tylersville Road.
US: Ok, what is your phone number?
THEM: The address is…

Sadly, that happens a lot. What doesn’t happen nearly enough is Miraculous Man coming to take care of the jackasses we deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to wait for Miraculous Man. You can head over to the Stuph Blog and check out his many zany adventures where he stands up for his customer service brethren by dealing with the asshole customers in a way all customer service reps wish they could.

I’ve been a fan of Miraculous Man since his inception, and recently Twindaddy was inspired by one of my Delivery Tales, the one about the farm fresh eggs, and decided it was time for Miraculous Man to make an appearance for the first time in over a year! I’m glad I inspired something awesome, but I’m actually more excited that there’s another Miraculous Man story!

Without further ado, head over to the Stuph Blog now to check out the newest edition of Miraculous Man, where he deals with the Drunken Farm Boys!

5 responses to “Delivery Tales: Miraculous Man

  1. Miraculous Man is hilarious. Your Farm Fresh Eggs story was too. A perfect partnership.

    • Yes indeed. The only problem is, I need Miraculous Man to be real so he can kick the shit out of all the assholes I deal with on the regular. Maybe I’ll become Miraculous Man myself.

  2. Miraculous Man to the rescue!!

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