Barilla Pasta Isn’t Gay

Last year, Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy said he and his company didn’t care much for the LGBT community. He’s so for straight marriage that even his name contains a man and a woman. The internet made it a hot topic for people to bash him and the company, participating in boycotts of the fast food chain, and taking pictures of gay couples hugging, kissing, and getting married outside of the restaurants to make a stand. I even did this…


My thought on the topic is still the same. Who gives a shit? They are a fast food chain and that is all that should matter. The fact that his comments about that topic were even made public is asinine. Nobody, not the LGBT community, or anyone else, should give a flying fuck what that companies beliefs are. Because that’s not the market they’re in. It’s unimportant to what they do.

The backlash of the comments was so great, however, that Chick-Fil-A has stopped (apparently) donating money to organizations that promote discrimination to anybody, specifically the LGBT folks. Why hasn’t the internet blown up with that info?

The incident was so huge that it even has its own Wikipedia page. How’s that for advertising?

Riding on the coat tails of that comes the comments made by the chairman of Barilla, makers of world-wide favorite pasta, Guido Barilla (there is no name more Italian), who said his company will never show gay people in their commercials, NOT FOR LACK OF RESPECT, but because they want to show a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role. Once again, the internet had a collective aneurysm and acted a fool over it. Boycotts have been made to not only the company, but to Italian restaurants who might use that brand of pasta for their own dishes. And for a minute I was on board, until I read what was actually said by the man.

First and foremost, the guy was being interviewed and the person interviewing him asked specifically if the company would ever use gay people in their commercials.

WHY THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER?! That is as unimportant a question to what the guy does as anything else that could have been asked not about pasta. Who gives a fuck? Have gay people been standing in the pasta aisle at their local grocery store getting pissed off at the lack of gay people on the packaging of uncooked spaghetti? And if there are, THEY are the ones who need to re-evaluate their lives and what’s important.

Ok so, the question has been asked and Guido answers honestly. They are going to continue using straight couples for their advertising. And guess what internet… that’s it. That’s all he said. He doesn’t believe in gay people adopting kids but he’s totally for gay marriage. And the reason he’s against gay adoption is, the child doesn’t have a choice. That’s his reason, whether you like it or not, that’s his reason. It’s not a terrible one, it could totally be worse, and aside from that he seems like a decent enough guy.

Now let’s think about it from a business standpoint. They make one of the most widely known uncooked pastas in the world. IN THE WORLD. Why should they put gay people on their packaging? Again, how many gay people who love pasta are refusing to eat Barilla just because there’s no gay people on the packaging? If there are those in that position, then they’re not eating ANY pasta because there are no gay people on any pasta packaging. I’m sure of it.

Had he not been asked that question, we would have never known and everybody would still be eating Barilla like nothing happened, because nothing had happened.

I think the major question to be asked should be, was he asked because the interviewer was one of the worst interviewers ever and shouldn’t have asked the question in the first place, or was he asked because he wanted to be asked that so he could put forth his beliefs on it?

Basically, was the interviewer trying to set Barilla up for failure by asking, knowing what the answer would be? Was it because he tried to get a job at Barilla once and they didn’t hire him and he’s bitter about it?

Or, did Guido decide he wanted to get all of that publicity for his brand that Chick-Fil-A got for theirs, so he set up the interview and told the interviewer to specifically ask that question? Remember, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I think until we find out the answer to that, we shouldn’t give a fuck. Period. Not just because what he said really wasn’t that bad, but because nobody should give a fuck what a pasta maker thinks about the gay community. It’s unimportant.

I’m still not eating Chick-Fil-A, not because of what they said, but because I was never a huge fan of their food to begin with. And I’m still not eating Barilla pasta, not because of what they said, but because I never ate their pasta to begin with. I’m just fine with my local grocery store’s brand.

I just happen to think that the way we react, and overreact to this sort of thing has gotten out of control and it makes us as a whole look very immature. What? The internet? Immature? NOOOOOOOOO…

Before you go off boycotting this brand because of what he said, think about this. Of all the stuff you use in your life, of all the products you purchase and use to the foods you eat to the clothes you buy, how much of it would you be willing to give up and boycott because of this very thing? Remember, you wouldn’t have known about this if the guy wasn’t interviewed by a piss poor interviewer or if that question hadn’t been asked. Basically, you don’t know what everybody’s beliefs are on the subject simply because they haven’t been asked and it hasn’t been blown out of proportion in the media yet. Now with Chick-Fil-A and Barilla exposed, how many more do you think are going to be thrown under the bus? JUST TO MAKE NEWS.

How far is your stance going to go? Would you be willing to sell your car if you find out the maker of it hated gay people? Or the manufacturer of your home… are you going to move? Naturally you’re free to think what you want and boycott who you want. You’d just look a little smarter if you picked your battles first. Or at the very least, knew everything about it before you fought in it. I was all set to make a Beefy Ecard over this until I read his comments.

Now, if you read his comments and still feel like your soul would kill itself if you continued eating Barilla pasta, more power to you. It just looks really petty and uninformed.

In case you haven’t read what was actually said and you didn’t go to that Snopes link I posted above, here’s what he said as posted on Snopes

“I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role.”

If gays “like our pasta and our advertising, they’ll eat our pasta, if they don’t like it then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand.”

“I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose.”

He then posted this on the company website and Facebook page the following day.

“With reference to remarks made yesterday to an Italian radio program, I apologize if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding, or if they hurt someone’s sensitivity.

For clarity, I would like to point out that:

– I have the utmost respect for anyone, without distinction of any kind.

– I have the utmost respect for gay people and for everyone’s right to express themselves.

– I’ve also said – and I would like to reiterate – that I respect gay marriages.

– In its advertising, Barilla represents the family – because it’s what welcomes everyone.”

Does that really seem that horrible to you? I just don’t see it.

7 responses to “Barilla Pasta Isn’t Gay

  1. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. It must have been a slow news day. Really…like you, I don’t eat either. Not because of their views on sexual orientation or not.

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