Movie Sequels?

In the world of movies we’re sometimes promised a sequel, especially at the end of a comedy. It’s happened time and time again… they promise a sequel but they were just kidding. HA! Funny joke.

Sure there are tons of instances where sequels are actually announced by a director or writer or studio and then nothing happens. Or a sequel is started and then falls flat and nothing ever comes of it. Like in the case of Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor, where scenes were filmed but the filmmakers went bankrupt before they were done, so someone else pieced the filmed scenes together and released it as a shitty, half-assed movie. Or the star who originally green-lights it drops out because he’s an idiot, like with Dumb & Dumber 2.

Lately I’ve heard of a few different sequels that ACTUALLY HAPPENED… sort of… It pisses me off because it was like, we got more of what we all seemed to want, but not entirely. It’s kind of like wanting to eat some pizza and someone gives you some pizza flavored Combos.

"Pizzeria?" So these taste like a pizza shop? Mmm.

“Pizzeria?” So these taste like a pizza shop? Mmm.

Here are a few movies that gave the fans what they wanted. Kinda sorta…

Zombieland 2

Zombieland was a hit, but I’ve found that almost everybody either absolutely loved it or absolutely hated it. There was no middle ground. Either way, it was a “hit” by definition (it made a lot of money) and a highly anticipated sequel was definitely going to happen. Original cast was back, sans Bill Murray, original writers were back, and a release date was announced. That previous sentence could have been nothing more than rumor, but I recall seeing it online at some point, so take from that what you will.

And then it became a TV show instead. Exclusively on Amazon. And it failed horribly.

Starring: Not Woody Harrelson, Not Emma Stone, Not Jesse Eisenberg, and especially Not Abigail Breslin

Starring: Not Woody Harrelson, Not Emma Stone, Not Jesse Eisenberg, and especially Not Abigail Breslin

Up until now I thought the first season had been done, but it didn’t even make it that far. The pilot episode is all viewers got, and that one episode got so much hate from fans of the movie that Amazon pulled the plug on the TV show. Apparently the comedy was lacking, as was the makeup on the zombies. Also a new cast that just couldn’t quite fill the shoes of the original cast.

Want to see that one episode on Amazon? Tough shit, they pulled it too.

A sequel is something that technically could still happen, but it most likely won’t. Don’t hold your breath.

Big Trouble In Little China 2

One of the greatest movies of all time left us with an epic ending that guaranteed the story was going to continue. And then it didn’t. And then it continued to not happen. And now? No, it’s still not happening.

Except that it DID happen. Sort of. In comic book form.

It's not a movie, but its got pictures.

It’s not a movie, but its got pictures.

A lot of good reviews for this independently done comic, in addition to what appears to be great art and a good follow up storyline make this a worthy sequel. There are a couple comics in this series, so check them out. I will be soon.

Spaceballs 2

Just like with Airplane!: The Sequel, National Lampoons: Loaded Weapon 1 and even History Of The World Part 1, there are tons of comedies that promise a sequel as a joke, as I previously mentioned. Spaceballs was the second movie (in a row) by comedy god Mel Brooks to promise a sequel, this one being Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money (as said in the movie, who knows if that would have been the actual title).

It was a joke, yet fans wanted it. Don’t tell us that shit if you’re not going to actually make it. Well, finally in 2008 fans got what they wanted. Sort of. Enter, Spaceballs: The Animated Series.

Why isn't John Candy in it? Oh... right...

Why isn’t John Candy in it? Oh… right…

I got through the first episode, saw that it was basically a 30 minute retelling of the movie and didn’t bother watching anymore episodes. Apparently the show wasn’t much of a hit either, lasting only one season.

As far as Mel Brooks goes, he has another movie in the works (apparently) but who knows if we’ll actually see his genius again on screen.

Beverly Hills Cop 4

Remember back when Eddie Murphy was a funny motherfucker? Back when Beverly Hills Cop’s 1 and 2 came out? There was also a third movie that I like to a degree, but it doesn’t top the first two, and that’s why we’ve waited for-fucking-ever to get a fourth.

Eddie recently signed on for a sequel and then they decided to make it a TV show about Axel Foley’s son. No network bought it so even that isn’t going to happen. Holy shit, thanks for nothing.

Axel Foley cusses too much for TV, so no show is a good thing.

Axel Foley cusses too much for TV, so no show is a good thing.

Except that this entry is sort of misleading in this blog piece. Because recent news suggests that an actual movie, a real life part 4 might actually still happen. Apparently the pilot for the TV show tested so well that the studio’s interest in an actual movie has peaked.

Here’s to hoping. I’ve about had it with all of these broken promises.

6 responses to “Movie Sequels?

  1. The last sequel I cared to see was that Prometheus movie. I was disappoint. I was kinda however waiting on a sequel to Kung Pow. Then I stopped smoking pot. Now I just have to REALLY enjoy the story of the first to want to watch the second in a series.
    There are exceptions, of course. Ill go see just about any Indiana Jones movie Mr. Ford puts out. Things like that. Im kinda funny when it comes to movies..Im not looking forward to the new Star Wars movies, but I enjoyed the Clone Wars show immensely.
    I did see an interesting question online the other day concerning all this; If they remake Robocop, will they remake the sequels too? Or will it be different enough in its own right not to warrant one? If they did..would anybody care? Lol.

    Just my two cents.

    • I was going to include Kung Pow 2 in this list but it fell under the “mention a sequel as a joke” thing. Still, I’d love to see it made. Might be a little late for it. I fell in love with that movie while not high, so it’s legit for me. Still love it.

      I’m the same way with the Indiana Jones movies. Love those and I can’t wait for the next one, which apparently they’re working on.

      As far as the Robocop question, I’ve heard that brought up with other reboots, and I think if a sequel were to happen, it would be a stand alone sequel, pertaining to the reboot, not a remake of a previous sequel. That’s just my thought on it.

  2. I saw the trailer for the RoboCop remake, and while admittedly I’m a sucker for trailers, it didn’t look awful. They seems to have gone in a slightly different direction, which is generally a good idea in remakes, or else you just get pale imitations (Like The Longest Yard or The Bad News Bears)

    • Yeah, the RoboCop looks good, I must admit. I’m actually looking forward to that. Now here’s a question for you. Someone brought it up on Facebook the other day while talking about this very movie. If they make a sequel to the new RoboCop, do you think it’ll be a remake of the original sequel, or a totally new sequel?

      • I’m guessing it would be like the Star Trek route where it’s a sequel of the remake that captures elements of the original sequel. Although RoboCop 2 was such a unique piece of work, I’m not sure what you do with it.

      • Nice thoughts, and I agree. RoboCop 2 was pretty awesome and a decent follow up to the first movie. Not sure what they were thinking with part 3 though. I guess we’ll see, because this movie looks like it’ll most definitely have a sequel.

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