No News Is Good News

I don’t watch the news and I try to not be aware of current events. I just can’t handle the amount of stupid this world puts out on a day to day basis. But from what I’m seeing, apparently we’re about to go to war with Syria.

Who benefits this time? What’s this one about? I literally know nothing about it. But I really don’t have to (or want to). I’m not an anti-war kind of person, nor am I a peace monger. I’m not going to rally or protest. I’m just a random citizen who has had enough of the shit. When is it going to finally be enough? When are we going to stop?

The World Wars must have sucked. I’m sure Vietnam was no walk in the park and the Cold War was horrible as well. The Civil War? What was civil about it? Did I forget one? Does it matter? War sucks. For everybody.

With that said, I’m disappointed. I’m saddened with the fact that we, the United States of America, are supposed to be the greatest nation on earth, and we have to prove it by sticking our noses in everybody else’s business. Why can’t we be the greatest nation for being the most peaceful? Or the richest? Or the one with the least amount of unemployed or homeless? Or the one with the best health care in the world? Or the one who is the least bigoted or most progressive?

I grew up being taught that we are the greatest. I grew up patriotic. I knew that I lived in the greatest country in the world. But the older I get, and the more I pay attention to what’s going on around me, the more I’m shown the opposite. I know living conditions in other places are much worse than they are here. But that doesn’t mean we’re the leader of the pack for a better way of life. Hate doesn’t equal happiness. That’s why they’re called two different things. And right now I’m not happy with our government and with the very people who call themselves Americans along with me. I see some of the actions performed by my fellow citizens of this nation against other fellow citizens and I’m ashamed to be from the same place you are.

I know people who hate other people because they are gay or because they have a different skin color or a different religion. I know people who hate other people just based on the amount of money they make, or where they live or how they dress, or if they have tattoos and piercings. Where’s the acceptance? To me, being a member of the greatest nation on earth would mean that I am great. It would also mean that you are great because you are my neighbor and you are also a member of the greatest nation on earth. Just by that fact alone makes you my equal. We are both a part of something that is the greatest.

How can we hate one another and expect to be the greatest? Over stupid, insignificant, petty shit. And then, if we can’t live together in peace, how do we expect to live with other people from other nations in peace? Especially when we keep telling them that they’re not the greatest, we are? Being pompous about it cancels out the greatness.

I look around and I see a huge pile of fail. Everywhere. We’re not the greatest. We suck. We spy on our own people. We don’t trust ourselves. That’s shady, no matter how you look at it. We take care of other people before we take care of ourselves.

That’s why I don’t watch the news. Because there’s nothing I can do to change the world to make it a better place today and it makes me sad to think that gradually, since I was born, things have only gotten worse. That doesn’t give me a good feeling for the future. The less I know about what’s going on, the happier I’ll be. I’ll just keep living in a cave so that I can try to be happy about who I am and where I come from. And so that I can have a future that I want to not only be in, but look forward to. I want to look forward to the future, not dread it. Is that too much to ask?

You can call me unpatriotic, or a terrorist (since everyone is one nowadays), or a traitor. You can cuss me out and tell me to “love it or leave it.” I expect it. But just because I think, and openly say we’re a steaming pile of shit doesn’t make me any of those things. It makes me patriotic. Because I expect great things from a place that considers itself great. I’m thankful of the fact that I have the freedom to be able to say this publicly. I love my country. I really do. I just want so much more for it. I want it to be better. I want us to be better. You can’t have USA without “US.” Cheesy? Sure. But it’s going to take all of us to stop being stupid fucking douches and start acting like fucking adults. All of us. Stop hating one another over shit that shouldn’t matter to you. Stop breaking into schools and shooting up the place. Stop molesting children. Stop robbing your fellow man. Stop spying on each other. Start trusting us to be great, because we trust our country to be great.

And then we can show the rest of the world how to do it. How to be that great. And then maybe, just maybe we can stop saying we’re the greatest country on earth and we can collectively say we’re all a part of the greatest planet in the universe. We get along. We respect one another. Only then will we be the greatest. Until then, we got a lot of work to do, and war isn’t the first step in the right direction.

But as I said, I’ve watched things get exponentially worse since day one and I have no hope for our future. The world will end one day, and we will have killed it.

I’m so done with this shit. I’ve been done with it yet still it continues. I don’t want to be on this ride anymore, let me off please.

7 responses to “No News Is Good News

  1. I heart you. This is an echo to my thoughts. I don’t watch the news either, and I live in ignorance. It is better than the alternative.

  2. Well said. My opinion of “the greatest” country has been steadily declining, too. We are not the world police and we need to mind our own fucking business. We are far from perfect. What kind of message does it send when we have so many problems and keep telling other countries how to run themselves? Arrogance. We reek of it. Sigh…I’m going to stop now before I get pissed.

    • Yeah, that’s how blog posts are written. This started off as a small, one paragraph thing on Facebook that quickly turned into a longer post that eventually got so long I just thought I’d post it here instead of there. I could have kept going too but I finally thought enough was enough. It’s just a sad time we live in, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I never watched the news during my husband’s deployments. The only thing I ever felt I missed out on was a tomato plague or friends will never let me live it down, either.
    I understand how you feel, and I accept your choice to avoid it. News is depressing and raises my ire.

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