Wow: Natalie Martinez

Some of my more astute readers, or those of you who actually follow things now probably already know who Natalie Martinez is. I didn’t, until I watched the first episode of CBS’s “Under The Dome,” the hit TV show based off of Stephen King’s awesome fucking novel of the same name. Natalie plays one of the cops on the show in the fictional town of Chester’s Mill and when I first saw her on the show, even in full cop gear, I thought “Wow, she’s pretty hot. I’d like to see more of her.”

Natalie and some unimportant dude. CBS - Under The Dome

Natalie and some unimportant dude. CBS – Under The Dome

So I looked her up and found more of her and discovered that she’s been around for a while and has been in a lot of stuff over the years, such as music videos for popular artists of today and she’s also been photographed a lot wearing next to nothing, which was a nice find for me. I got what I wanted, more of her. So I thought I’d share. Needless to say she’s now on the hot-chicks-I’d-totally-bang-hard-list. Enjoy.









Finally, she was in a movie this year called Broken City with some other actors and she had a nice sex scene where she was topless. There’s a clip of it online somewhere if you want to see it and not watch the entire movie (cough, cough). I haven’t actually seen the movie, but I might.

4 responses to “Wow: Natalie Martinez

  1. So you’re saying that you can find pictures of hot women on the internet…and they’re not wearing clothes??? Game changer!

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