Movie Review: Return To Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp is my all time favorite horror movie franchise. I saw the first movie when I was a kid, because family movie night was almost always horror movies. Seriously. That explains a lot, actually.

Anyway, Sleepaway Camp was one of the first horror movies I ever got to see, and I loved it. It was also the reason I never wanted to go to summer camp. Not because of Jason, but because of Angela.

This is the reason I never left the house in the summer. My parents only have themselves to blame.

This is the reason I never left the house in the summer. My parents only have themselves to blame.

The first three movies are classics. For those of you who don’t know, the first was made by Robert Hiltzik. The twist ending it had was made of epic. And then nothing happened with any sequels until a few years later when Michael A. Simpson got permission to do some sequels and he put out parts 2 and 3. He even used some of Hiltzik’s original ideas for sequels in his movies.

And then, many many years later we finally get a new sequel written and directed by the original, the creator, Robert Hiltzik. Except he doesn’t recognize parts 2 and 3 as actual Sleepaway Camp movies (even though his ideas were used in those movies), so in his new release “Return To Sleepaway Camp” he shows what happened following the first movie instead of what happened following the third movie. Make sense?

Quite frankly, it pissed me off. I’m a huge fan of the ENTIRE series and think of parts 2 and 3 as successors to the first film. A continuation of the story. “Return” isn’t a continuation of that, and that’s just wrong.

But being a fan of the series and FINALLY having a new Sleepaway movie to watch, I was absolutely fucking stoked to get my copy in the mail and watch it. And then…

Well, it was just so bad that I don’t feel like bitching about it. I just watched The Cinema Snob‘s take on it, and he nails it. Watch this, if nothing else, for the hilarity of The Cinema Snob. And even though he’s funny, everything he says about this movie sucking is true.

Watch his review on his site! (I tried putting the video here but for some reason it wouldn’t appear or play. Fix that Mr. Snob.)

The only thing I would have added is, the soundtrack to the movie sucked. It was too loud in most parts, didn’t fit the movie at all, and was just poorly done all the way around. It was like someone took the background music from another movie and threw it into this one and then cranked up the volume so that everyone knew it was there at all times.

With that said, there’s rumor of two more movies coming out in the franchise, one from Robert Hiltzik which will continue with his time line of events, and one from Michael A. Simpson continuing from his time line of events. That would make this movie franchise TWO movie franchises of the same franchise. Uh… awesome?

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