Is A Thieving Website That Sucks

Most of you know I’m a regular at in their Photoplasty contests. You can view the entries I’ve done for them here. Recently they posted a contest called 33 Shocking Facts That Will Change How You Picture History. It was such a good article, apparently, that another website called Bro My God has taken a bunch of the winning entries and posted them on their website in another article called Facts So Ridiculous They Sound Fake.

The problem is, instead of taking the pictures off of the article from Cracked that I linked to above, where all of the pictures have the watermark on them, Bro My God went the extra mile and took the pictures directly from the forum thread where they were originally posted as entries into the contest so that they would show up on Bro My God’s website WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE TO WHERE THEY STOLE THEM FROM, They also didn’t give any props to those who made those particular entries, like Cracked does. So not only is Cracked not getting the proper credit as the source of the images, neither are the creators of the images.

When I found out via a bunch of other image manipulation people I hang out with on another site, all of them also Cracked Photoplasty entrants and some of them whose work was stolen by Bro My God, we all decided to take action against this thieving shit-stain of a website that steals other people’s work and thinks they can get away with it. We began posting comments on their article about how they’re thieves and we left links back to the original article posted on Cracked’s website. The same link I posted above.

Bro My God went, yet one extra mile, and not only deleted most of the comments and began taking away our posting privileges, but the last two comments (as of now) that were posted by myself and another user were actually changed by Bro My God to what they say now, which of course doesn’t say anything about them being the thieving pieces of shit they are, instead, saying “Wow this is ridiculous my life is totally changed, love this site” and “I love bro my god and this is awesome!” I can assure you those are NOT the comments we left them.

The best part is, the head of Cracked has been informed and they can, and probably will, take legal action, which I’m REALLY hoping for. Until then folks, here’s my call out to you.

If you could, please drop by Bro My God to this article and tell them that they are exactly what they want to be… a bunch of pussy ass thieving fucks who can’t run a website cleanly with their own content and have to resort to stealing other people’s work. They know what they’re doing and they obviously think they can get away with it. I’d love to see a ton of messages letting them know how shitty they are. And if they want to delete or change them all, then that’s awesome too. Make them actually do some work for their website that doesn’t involve stealing other people’s stuff.

And if, eventually, it gets their site shut down, this particular battle in a much bigger war will be won. So please, if you don’t mind loyal readers, drop them a line and tell them how much they suck. And if you click the link and the article has been taken down, awesome. That’s all we want anyway, yet they’re sticking to their guns. So let’s stick to ours. And for future reference, if you know anybody who happens to visit this site, let them know what kind of shit hole of a site it actually is, and let them know what kind of shitty human beings run it.

Fuck Bro My God right in their thieving asses.

4 responses to “ Is A Thieving Website That Sucks

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  2. SqueezingTitties

    That’s funny because it seems like you’re attacking the wrong site… posted the original ones they sourced from even credited them with it at the bottom…nice job doing research.

    • And when Bro My God found out where the pictures actually came from, what did they do? Take them down? Apologize? Go to their source and tell them THEY fucked up? No, they continued to keep the stuff up and block anybody’s comments from showing the truth about what happened. They’re still at fault, regardless if they took the pictures directly from Cracked or not. Nice job supporting a thieving website.

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