I’ve Known All Along

I just got another award. Well, this blog did. I just run it. Thanks to Twindaddy over at yonder Stuph Blog for doing the hooking up of awardness. Whatever that means.

This here award is much like my Unshitty Blog Award, only more epic. Check it.

Looks right at home here, doesn't it?

Looks right at home here, doesn’t it?

That’s right, I’m epically awesome. Without further ado (cause you know it’s coming (giggity)) here is the load of work I gotta do to accept this here shiningly triumphant award of glorious epicness.

  • Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself. That’s it.
  • Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic–or both.

Man, this award IS epic! I don’t even have that much homework to do! Okay, let’s see if I can dig up 10 MORE epic facts about myself…

1. In the fifth grade I attended my parent/teacher conference alone. Only I showed up (the teacher was there naturally). Yup, neither of my parents could be bothered. And even though I was such a bad kid, I still did the mature thing and went to the damn conference.
2. I once worked with Twindaddy at the almighty Sara Lee. You know, “Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee”? Well, I don’t like Sara Lee cause I’m not still working there.
3. With the help of a friend, I created The Drunkening, an all night drinking fest dedicated to getting the highest amount of alcohol in our blood before dying. It lasted 3 years before unofficially shutting down. It should be brought back. (The one party didn’t last three years, it only lasted a night. We had three of them.)
4. At one Drunkening I was attacked by a possum in my back yard. I punted it across a creek.
5. One time a kid was being babysat by the aforementioned friend while I was visiting. The kid was doing something and said to me, “I bet you can’t do that!” I responded with, “You’re right, cause it’s stupid.”
6. When I proposed to my wife we had just got her ring delivered in the mail. SHE had placed the order. Yep, she bought her own (and mine) wedding rings. Role reversal, bitch. However, I still got on my knee in the kitchen and asked her to marry me.
7. As a kid we owned a collie dog that was apparently a direct descendant of Lassie. She must have been from the retarded side of the family, because she was one of the dumbest dogs I’ve ever known.
8. I once had a baby duck as a pet.
9. I’m truly spent on these, I can’t think of anything else. I’ve answered so many of them in the past… ugh!
10. Sorry, no more.

Okay, I didn’t even make it through that. Thankfully there’s only one more step. Nominating other blogs for this award! So without further ado (again) here is a list of bloggers who I think should get this award because they rock in one way or another.

Rob Simple
Cheri Speak
Shay Leigh
Joeyfully Stated
Shackled And Crowned
Urgent Adventures
Mind Of Shoo
Leah Renee
The Dirty Dame

By the way, I don’t intentionally leave many people out from getting this award. I try to list those people who I know will give a shit about being nominated or who post regularly enough. So I’m not purposefully leaving anybody out, just so you know.

5 responses to “I’ve Known All Along

  1. Thanks for the “awesome award”.
    I’m honored! Thanks a ton!

  2. You used to work with Twindaddy? That guy kicks ass.

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