You Sir, Are A Douche

Let’s get one thing straight real quick. If someone is a douche, proving it to them will not do a bit of good. They will always be a douche, and chances are they’ve been told before how douchey they are and they’re still a douche. So if you come across a douche, just let them be. Don’t waste your time, which is why I didn’t waste my time with this one.

I spent the night at my wife’s work to save on gas. It takes a half hour on the highway to get there from our house, and we’re shy on cash right now, so to save gas I told her I’d take her to work and hang out all night. I got things to read, no big deal.

An hour before she was to get off of work, a guest at the hotel where she works made his way to the desk and began yelling at my wife. I didn’t listen, I just went back to sleep. Yeah, I was sleeping in the lobby.

Later when she got off of work we were walking out when we came across the guy, with his wife, yelling at another one of the hotel’s employees (who was a cleaning lady, douchey act number 2). Now, his wife wasn’t yelling. She seemed to be nice and understanding that what had happened was her fault. Her douche of a husband still didn’t get it. Here’s what happened.

They had been to the sports bar inside the hotel the night before. The wife left her purse on the floor next to the entrance to the bar when she went back to her room. She didn’t do this on purpose, but still, she left her purse there. Now it’s the next morning and she has to leave and she has no purse. She was wondering if someone might have turned it in to lost and found.

Her husband, on the other hand, was yelling at people as if it were THEIR fault. In a snarky comment to the cleaning lady, he said “She’s got a plane to catch!”

I bit my tongue. What should have been said is, “If SHE didn’t forget HER purse, SHE wouldn’t be late for HER plane.” The way the guy was acting was like someone from the hotel stole it and he caught them.

The lady kept saying how it was her fault, but in his dumbass hot-headed streak of douchiness, he kept yelling at innocent people.

My step dad is this way. He’s a douche. I’ve argued with him enough over the years that I’ve known him to know first hand that once a douche always a douche. Sure a douche might change their douchey ways, but they have to do that on their own. No matter how many times I pointed out how much of a dumbass my step-dad is directly to him, he’s still a class act dumbass. And then I heard stories about him from my dad and my uncle, both used to hang out with my step-dad years and years ago before I was born. I learned that he’s always been a douche.

What does this mean? Again folks, if you know a douche bag in your life, you know that proving to them how douchey they are is no good. So don’t worry yourself over it. They’ll get theirs one day, I’m sure of it. Karma’s a bitch that way.

That guy who was yelling at people at the hotel, he’ll drop his wife off at the airport and then, hopefully, he’ll be in a wreck. I hope it doesn’t kill him (I really don’t care one way or the other) because in that one incident he might, he just might, have the realization that he could have avoided that accident had he not been a douche. It could happen.

As for my step-dad, he’s an alcoholic who has very little in his life, no friends, no step-son because I’ve pushed him completely out of my life, and he’s a diabetic who will probably drink himself to death. Good. He’s been a douche bag long enough, now it’s time for karma to kick in and show him what he gets for it.

6 responses to “You Sir, Are A Douche

  1. I’m not sure, some of these people sounds more like assholes than douches. When I think of douches, I think of people who think they’re being cool, and are completely un-self aware of how annoying they actually are.

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