Customer Service Fails: PayLoadz

A while back on my author site I said how I was going to try and sell my ebooks right on my site. Well, in order to do that you need to be able to host the file and be able to charge for it before a user can download it. I could have done it all manually, but if someone paid for it they wouldn’t get it until I emailed it to them, so it wouldn’t be instantly.

There are services for this particular job online, for just a small fee per month or download. I was looking for a cheap service, or a free one preferably. While searching, I came across this website PayLoadz. They do that service, but their website didn’t say anything about much of anything else. In order to get information I had to create an account for free. So I did.

On the site they tell you that you have to pay for a membership in order to do anything. There’s a free service and a paid service. However, the way they word signing up for anything they lead you down the road of inputting your credit/debit card info and joining the paid version.

That wouldn’t have been so bad if I felt that a paid service would help me, but it wouldn’t because I don’t sell that many books. I would have lost money in the process. So I wanted to delete my account.

I looked all over the website for a way to do that, but came up with nothing other than one particular page that requested I sign up for paid hosting. Since I didn’t want to do that, I left the site frustrated and having accomplished nothing.

Well, I continued to get their emails. I finally got fed up with those and went back to the site, logged in and searched for a way to fix that, since the emails didn’t have an unsubscribe link, they simply said that I could change that setting in my account. After I logged back in, I found that I CAN’T change that without adding a fucking credit/debit card and being charged for service.

What kind of douchery is this?!

I found a contact link and did that very thing. I contacted the shit out of them. Ironically to their Help and Support. Here’s how that went down.

I joined your site to see what it was all about. I didn”t want to actually sign up for anything, I just wanted info. Since I can”t delete my account or do anything for that matter until I use a credit card, I”m telling YOU now to please delete my account. I no longer want to receive your emails. Your site needs a lot of improvement, and until you stop trapping people by making them use their credit cards to do anything on the site, including removing their account, I”ll never use you. And if my experience is wrong, then you have a bug in your system. Please remove my account. Thank you.

Notice how there are two apostrophes in words using them? I didn’t do that, their system did. What kind of fucked up system does that? Regardless, I spelled it out for them, told them what kind of horrible practices they partake in and told them I wanted my shit deleted. Here’s the awesome follow up email I got from them, most likely a copy and paste response, but the person who copied and pasted it showed that they didn’t bother to read my email.

We have confirmed that your account with the username, has been on the Express account level since 09/30/2012. You have not been charged any fees for this account.

Well that’s nice of them. Thanks for giving me info I didn’t ask for and not doing what I did ask for. I told them exactly that. Sometimes you have to do that.

That’s fantastic. Thanks for giving me info I did not ask for. Now tell me, did we accomplish anything I requested of you? I wanted my account terminated so that I will no longer be a part of your site and I will no longer receive emails. Why did you not do that for me? This conversation is already longer than it needed to be. Please delete my account.

Ah, that did it. They finally deleted my account. Why did it take that god damn long? I asked for it originally, it should have been done. This website is full of bad practices and should not be used by anybody, ever. I give this all to whoever reads this as a warning. Do not use PayLoadz for anything, ever.

7 responses to “Customer Service Fails: PayLoadz

  1. Sounds like a classy organization. If I ever publish a book (ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) I’ll (ahahahahahahahahahah, excuse me) use them.

  2. I am immediately distrustful of any company that substitutes Z’s for S’s. It’s not the 90’s anymore, and you’re not trying to appeal to preteen boys.

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