If You’re Gonna Shake, Do The Right One

I don’t know when the fuck it started, but I’m already tired as shit of seeing it. The fucking Harlem Shake… what the fuck is it and why is it so huge now? As far as I can tell it sucks huge nuts.

I finally just now watched one of the videos to see what it was all about and FUCKING REALLY FOLKS? That’s what’s so popular now? Are you kidding me?! I was right, it DOES suck huge nuts.

Never mind that, I vote that we start a new trend. I want to see it in all the schools and Universities, and on all of your blogs. Let’s start a new revolution with some GOOD music this time.

Where are the people getting down to the Rattlesnake Shake? Do it people!


4 responses to “If You’re Gonna Shake, Do The Right One

  1. What happened to cool dances like the Electric Slide? Now that was something worth shaking your booty for.

    • Yeah, they’ve all been replaced by line dances and hip hop songs that tell you how to do the dance in the lyrics of the song. Both of which I can’t stand. I hear ya though, I remember doing the electric slide as a kid with my sisters. Them were the days.

  2. Sometimes I worry that I’m missing out on things when everybody is talking about the Harlem Shake or Gangham Sytle and I have no idea what they are talking about. But, then I finally break down and watch these vidoes of complete awesomeness (totally suck) and realize that i was better off not knowing. Yay me.

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