I Am The Cinema Sadist

EDITOR NOTE: Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce a good friend of mine who’ll hopefully be blogging on here for a while before fame and fortune take him away to his own blog somewhere far from here. Until then, please welcome in The Cinema Sadist! He’ll be entertaining us with his movie reviews!

Clearly, the average film viewer does not spend too much time thinking. They look at some films with questionable content as “bad” or “unwatchable”. THANKFULLY, I am now here to do that thinking FOR you. In my following writings, I will review films that the masses have written off as films you should miss, for these are my FAVORITE films. Just the idea of watching one of these “bad” movies has me very excited…mmm hmm…VERY excited INDEED. So, if you are like me (and who does not wish to be like ME) and you jerk yourself off to the final scene in the sewer at the end of Friday The 13th Part 8- Jason Takes Manhattan, come by in a few days…in fact, that’s exactly the movie I believe I will start off with. Good day, and remember that Robert Pattinson isn’t a BAD actor…he’s simply just misunderstood.

3 responses to “I Am The Cinema Sadist

  1. People jerk off to horror movies? Weird.

  2. Only if they are watching them CORRECTLY.

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