Why Do You Need To Know?

Tonight my wife and I stopped through McDonald’s for a quick, cheap bite to eat. Their dollar menu has saved us on more than one occasion for not having anything to eat. While I can’t necessarily call it food, it’s edible and that’s all that matters.

Tonight I opted for their Chicken McNuggets because they’re pretty tasty, as much as I hate to admit it. Even though they sort of taste like buttered movie theater popcorn to me. Good thing I love buttered movie theater popcorn.

One thing that continues to piss me off though, is just on the underside of the lid to the box the nuggets come in. This…

How about McFuckyou?

How about McFuckyou?

Never mind the advertisement for their McSweet McChili McSauce, I expect that. Use every available ounce of space for advertising of your own product. That makes sense. What I can’t fucking stand is the question that follows it.

Now, I totally get that it’s just another advertisement for their many choices of McSauces. But it’s the delivery of it that pisses me off. A question? As if I’m supposed to answer the fucking box? What kind of neurotic asshole do you think I am? Why did I just ask four questions in a row?

Do they expect anybody to seriously answer that? “Well box, I went for the Creamy Ranch. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to ask me my preference. I know you’re not asking for marketing purposes, you generally care what I got to eat.”

Fuck them and fuck that. It’s so fucking stupid. A box that has no means of communication with humans, cannot think or speak, is asking me a question hoping that I have a conversation with it. Hoping that I share dialogue with it. That’s so Disney.

They should have nixed the question and just put, “Try one of these awesome sauces!” and then listed the sauces. That would have worked. It would have been acceptable. But instead it looks like a douche came up with the idea, and I guarantee the person who did is a douche.

“It’ll be nifty if the BOX asks the person who ordered A QUESTION about their choice!” I mean really, is that how it went down? I can’t imagine someone coming up with the question and thinking to themselves that it was a good idea. And then a team of people who make the decisions for the entire company actually approved it.

“Which sauce did you go for?” How about FUCK YOU, I told the guy in the speaker what sauce I wanted and I got it. I don’t have to answer to a god damn box. I wonder who actually legitimately answers the box and then waits for a response.

“Well box, I got the Creamy Ranch.”
“Aren’t you going to say anything about my choice, box?”

Of all the marketing ploys out there to get you to spend more money, or know more about the product, this is one of the worst I have ever come across. I really seriously hope someone from McDonald’s who is in charge of this happens to come by my blog and learns what a fucking idiot they are. Change that shit, change it now. It’s fucking stupid and it makes the company look like a bunch of third graders run the place.

You know what sauce I went for, assholes? How about this one…

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

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