My Direct Effect

For years now I’ve had a website in one form or another and I’ve never though that I was very influential. Until things started happening, that is.

Because a lot of my work was lost when I lost my main website a few years ago I can’t share the exact pieces with you that I wrote, but I’ll give you a little insight as to what happened.

Twice now I’ve caught things I said in works by Maddox. Now, I’m sure he doesn’t need help writing anything, so it’s very coincidental that he use things I say in his own work. I see it as nothing else. But when The Simpsons use one of my ideas in one of their episodes, I started really wondering…

I once wrote an Editorial about how Cadillac sucks and how they use Rock songs in their commercials to promote their cars to a class that typically can’t afford them. I also brought up how stupid the idea is to have heaters and air conditioners that work differently for the driver and the passenger, to where the driver can have the heat blowing on them while the passenger can have the A/C blowing on them at the same time. I then made mention of the fact that the two extremes should cause a thunderstorm in the middle of the car.

Years later on The Simpsons they did that very joke, where Homer got a brand new luxury car and he and Bart created a thunderstorm in the middle of the car doing what I explained. I even contacted a lawyer about that one, but unfortunately there was no way to prove they actually got the idea from me. They fucking did.

Ironically I can’t find the clip anywhere.

So we move on to today. Almost a year ago to the day I wrote a piece here on a shoe that had a logo that looked like a sperm titled The Sperm Shoe. You don’t necessarily have to go read it, but the link is there for reference.

In it I described a newer shoe company called Gravity Defyer and I pointed out how their logo looked like a fucking sperm. I really made fun of the company for doing this.


Even the logo on the website showcased it.


We move on to today. I’m checking out’s new Photoplasty contests and they have one for noticing something in a logo or a picture that looks like something else. Once again I turn to the Gravity Defyer. I’m going to use their logo to point out, again, how it looks like sperm. I headed on over to their site to make sure they’re still around and look what I found.


Wow! It looks like they changed their logo! What company does that after only a year of having it? Maybe one who was keyed off by yours truly that their shit looked like man cum?

They even went so far as to change the logo used on all of their shoes. Yup, it was a universal decision to rid themselves of that man-spunk logo.


As I said before though, I wouldn’t mind trying these shoes out. They look comfortable and springy. However now that they have more than a few options for looks and a new logo, I’d definitely like to try them out. Since I’ve given them plenty of publicity (and helpful insight as to why they should change their logo, I did them a favor) I think they should send me a pair free. It’s the least they could do.

Hint hint G-Defy, I like the Men’s Galaxy ll (TB9005MNB), the blue Men’s NEXTA (TB9001MBU), the black Men’s Ali-U (TB9002MBS) or the Men’s Arigato (TB873T). Size 13 please.

6 responses to “My Direct Effect

  1. Your influence is ubiquitous.

  2. Hah! I can’t believe they couldn’t see that looked like sperm before you said something. Stevie Wonder could have saw that one!

  3. Yes, I don’t see how a human could look at that logo and not think, “That’s a sperm.” I mean, what else could that be.

    And don’t feel bad about being ripped off. I suspect that the TV show Lost was ripped off from a story I wrote.

    • Doesn’t that suck? I see it all the time with things. Either we’re geniuses and coming up with ideas before someone else, or they’re blatantly ripping us off. Either way, we rule.

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