Racism In The Bathroom

I was shopping one night at Walmart with my wife when we came upon the bathroom stuff. Since we were in need of a new plunger we headed towards those and began to look at the very small selection. As we were looking around I noticed something subtle. Once I noticed it, it wasn’t as subtle, it was right in my face. I can’t believe I had never noticed this before.

Take a good look at these plungers and tell me what YOU see.

It's like Mississippi Burning all over again.

It’s like Mississippi Burning all over again.

Do you see it? I know some of you who will get it right away, and probably did before I showed the picture. Did you notice there’s no white plunger? That’s because THE MAN makes plungers and THE MAN wants you to use a BLACK plunger or a RED plunger. And what do those colors represent? That’s right…

american-indian malcolm_x

Have you ever seen a white plunger? I haven’t. But it’s obvious what’s being said here. The utensil we use at home that has the worst possible job has got to be the plunger. Why is it that plungers are made in colors representing the two types of people the United States government hates the most?

I’m going to start a company and make only WHITE plungers, cause FUCK THE MAN. He can’t tell me what race is or isn’t good enough to plunge the shit out of my pipes.

8 responses to “Racism In The Bathroom

  1. Thats pretty funny..but do you really WANT a white plunger..? I know I dont lol

  2. Here is a link with two white plungers. Watch the first video. Then you will not want a white plunger, unless you buy the stuff that stuff does not stick to.

    • A white plunger!!! Awesome, thanks!

      After I posted this piece I realized that the two things in the house that have a worse job than a plunger would be a toilet and toilet paper, and both of those are typically white, so I didn’t feel so bad about the plungers. Now even more so, thanks again!

  3. I went to look at my plunger, it is tan, I took a picture of it and put it on photo bucket to show you. I think we got it at walmart in the grocery department in the bathroom cleaning products.
    It is new, never used so it looks good still.

  4. Well that’s a mighty fine looking plunger. Consider me jealous.

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