Movie Review: V/H/S

VHS-Movie-Poster-2012A friend of mine (and one of my TWO hair stylists) told me to check this out, so I have. And let me first say that while it started out slow, it turned out to be rather interesting.

This is one of them run-of-the-mill “Blair Witch” type movies, completely shot in POV style and the audience is supposed to think it’s real. Of course nowadays with all of our “Paranormal Activities” and the like, we’re a wiser bunch. But still, there’s something about these types of movies that a lot of people like to watch, that’s why they continue to come out. I’m one of them, personally, although my favorite to this day is “The Last Broadcast.”

This story is set back when VHS tapes dominated the mainstream and when camcorders mostly used them to record. It’s about a set of petty thieves who are hired by someone to retrieve a VHS tape, but they’re not told what’s on it. They’re only told that they’ll know it when they find it.

They get to this old house where only an older man lives and they break in. They soon discover the old man is dead, and he has a shit load of tapes. They begin searching for the right one.

Teach tape they watch shows them fucked up footage of some crazy shit, with each tape getting worse than the previous one. A lot of people are murdered in some fucked up ways, and others are just tortured.

Through most of the movie I was enjoying it in parts, not entirely thrilled with the whole thing, because really, if you don’t know that there’s really no main actor in it and no real story in it, then you’ll be lost through most of it. If you choose to watch this movie, which I suggest you do if you like horror and want to see something a little different and out there, know that it’s basically a collection of stories done by different directors and writers and the petty-thieves story is used to tie them all together. Go into this movie expecting nothing more than a bunch of fucked up short stories that are not really related to one another other than by the fact that they’re all fucked up.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad I sat through the whole thing. By the end of the movie was happy I watched it. It’s good to see this kind of stuff being made and I hope there’s more of it in the future.

I give this movie 9 of 10 stars.

3 responses to “Movie Review: V/H/S

  1. So the movie is about guys watching movies. Did they ever know which movie they were supposed to know when they saw it?

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