I haven’t been around much lately and for that I apologize. Then again you don’t have to read my rubbish, so I guess you can thank me for not being around.

I’ve been busy, and unfortunately that doesn’t mean I’ve been busy WORKING, because I’m out of that. I just started up Chat Hole, a new social site, and while that isn’t taking off as I expected, it was still fun to create it. Unfortunately I’ll probably be bringing it down soon.

Then I created a new blog, Dude!!! I DON’T Want That… to go against Dude!!! I Want That… Well not really against them, but to offer products on the other side of the spectrum that they showcase. And usually, the stuff I showcase is actually stuff that they showcase, because sometimes they showcase shit. The same can be said about my site though, sometimes I showcase stuff that people do want, so it all evens out. But the point here is, this new blog I created has already become a monster. It gained 16 followers in less than a week’s time of being open. This blog has only 14 followers and it’s been around over a year.

The only problem I have with that new blog is, I’m having a hard time finding stuff that I don’t want. I mean, it’s easy to search for shit you do want, right? Cause you know what you’re looking for. But I don’t know what I’m not looking for until I find it, so it’s hard looking for content for that new blog.

I’ve also had a weird sleeping schedule lately, dealing with not working so I have all the time in the world to do whatever, but my wife works third shift, so I kind of fell into her schedule. Only I’m stuck in between the two, so sometimes I sleep all day long when it’s only right for me to, but then I’ll sleep a little at night, like a night time nap, and that throws me off, so I’m up most of the following day… and on and on it goes. I really just need a job to even me out.

In any case, none of the Daily Prompts have been speaking to me, but I have been looking at them every day to see if it’s something I could blog about. But nothing is working, so unfortunately this blog suffers. But I do promise to bring you more bullshit soon. There’s fair warning to look away!

One response to “Update

  1. Thanks for the warning. Warnings make me want to see/do something more. Consider yourself warned! 😉

    That sucks about the job and the sleep. I get you about the sleep. We are hiring in BFE IL. 9 positions in our dept alone. Going to find your I don’t want that blog. Sounds funny. L.

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