Daily Prompt: 1984

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

This one’s easy.

I wake up and I’m stuck in a room. It’s dark and I can’t see the other side, but I can tell it’s a small room. The only thing in it is the bed that I’m laying on, and it’s not that comfortable.

I get out of the bed, it’s creaking with every move I make. I stand next to it, realizing just how small the room was. Maybe it shrunk as I got out of bed. I look behind me and the bed is gone. I back into the corner and look around. I feel as if I’m falling, like the entire room is falling and I’m stuck in it.

I move forward and the room grows with my movement, until the opposite corner is far from me, and dark. Suddenly out from the darkness comes a giant spider. It stands seven foot tall, its legs are easily fifteen feet in length. The entire thing is covered in black hairs and its large collection of eyes all stare at me, offering me my own reflection in each one. Its fangs are hideous, just like it is, and they twitch as the spider looks at its next meal.

I feel as if I have already died. This must be pay back for all of the spiders I have killed over the years out of hate alone. Out of fear for them. But can this monster in front of me give me leniency for those spiders who I let survive because I’ve grown to live with them in peace? Like the monster of a spider (not nearly as monstrous now) who lived next to my back door? I let him live so that he might kill and eat all of the annoying bugs that found their way into my house through that door. And he did that for me. I thanked him all the time for that. Will this goliath of a spider let me live for that alone? Or for the other spiders I’ve let live in the recent years? Or am I doomed because of the many I have slain over the years prior?

Again I back up into the corner, holding my breath the entire time, as if that might save me for just a few moments longer. Suddenly the spider lunges forward but it stops in mid-air, its legs reaching for purchase anywhere. I feel a breeze.

Instantly, the other side of the room, that disgusting foul corner where the spider had come from, disappeared and in its place was a void where the room had once been. Outside of that void was the sky, and the clouds were rushing past me and the spider in the room. I knew I was falling.

The air pulled the spider out of the room, but left me in the corner, holding on to nothing for dear life. The room shifted and I was looking down, the air now completely pushing me into the wall, as I fell with the room.

The view was spectacular, the earth in front of me through a mist of white puffy clouds. I could see cities, towns, tiny little houses and lines that were streets. Only from here they looked like simple lines that nothing could fit on. And it was all coming towards me at an incredible rate. I knew I was going to die.

If anything scared me more than giant spiders, it was heights. Lucky for me the ground was rushing up to meet me, and I wouldn’t be so high up anymore.

I felt a bit of relief that the wall was behind me, not that it was going to save me. I guess the relief came from knowing I wasn’t the only one in trouble. I don’t think the room cared so much.

Suddenly just as the ground was to meet me at max velocity, the room closed up once again and was dark. I could feel I wasn’t falling any more, nor was there a strong wind at my face pressing me back into the corner.

I breathed.

The corner opposite me, that nasty corner, that dreadful corner, began moving in on me. I crouched down as the roof came down on top of me. Suddenly I was forced into the very corner of the room by sheer force of the walls all around me. I couldn’t move. My final fear… being in an enclosed space. Being in a room with horrible intentions. This room was going to be the death of me, one way or another.

This room sucks.

14 responses to “Daily Prompt: 1984

  1. Im with you on two out of the three, except for me its not spiders, just insects. Cant stand them. Makes me wanna puke. Good post btw.

  2. Great piece. I don’t really have any phobias, save losing those dear to me. And gas stations, I fear gas stations. Every time I get near one my bank account becomes lighter somehow.

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  5. Reblogged this on cftc10.

  6. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up while reading about the spiders. I hate anything with more than 4 legs…eeew…3.48 for gas, I paid. That’s terrifying too.

  7. I am afraid of spiders, scorpions and snakes. Great post. I thought about falling, I am afraid of heights too, but in my thoughts, I was falling and falling and wondering if I would ever hit bottom, like in Alice in Wonderland, but something scary at the bottom. I didn’t like that thought, so I changed it.

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