Chat Hole Open

I just wanted to type that out. Chat Hole Open. Ha!

So, you may have noticed that my domain name for this blog hasn’t changed. That’s because I went through a ton of shit when I did it and I had to change it. So now if you go to, you’ll end up here anyway.

But the big news is, Chat Hole is now open. If you’d like to check out a social networking site that isn’t filled with bullshit like Facebook is, check it out. We offer a customizable profile, including a music playlist right on your profile page, a forum for discussions of all things, a chat room with video chat, a place for photos, blogging, your favorite videos and quite a few other things, so check it out!

We’re currently working on a way to implement your Facebook account with our site, so if that’s your thing we damn near have it too.

It’s a free site, naturally, and we’d love to have you. There’s a link at the top of the blog for it, or you can just click here.

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