Happy New Day!

Hey guess what… time and everything about it was invented by man. That means seconds, minutes, hours, years and everything involving such things including “days” was made up by man. And horribly. Why do you think our years aren’t exact? Instead of 365, they’re 365 and 1/4, that’s why we have leap years. We had to correct our shitty creation by adding another day to the year every four years.

We also have daylight savings time. Why would we need that if time was perfect?

With all that said, we are about to celebrate New Years Eve by partying, getting drunk, doing drugs, doing hookers and making up resolutions for the upcoming year of things we’re not going to change. But it’s tradition, so why not do it?

Personally, New Years doesn’t mean much of a shit to me. It’s another day. Just like Christmas and my birthday. Only I hold my birthday higher than any other day because it’s MY DAY. My man created day. Man created THE day and man created me. It’s all simple.

Why do we celebrate? It’s a new beginning for a lot of people, which is stupid because if man hadn’t created days, it would just be another well lit part between two dark parts and none would be the wiser. Cavemen didn’t celebrate New Years. It’s on their cave drawings. Oog and Ung wanted to celebrate something but didn’t know what. So they hit their women over the head with clubs, raped the shit out of them and moved on, forgetting all about partying for no good damn reason.

However, with the new year, even for me, there come changes. You might have noticed that my blog is now located at a new web address. And if you hadn’t before, you just looked up and verified that it is indeed at a new address.

Another thing I have in the works is a social community, much like Facebook only less sucky. Yes, I’m working on it, but no, it’s not coming along fine. It’s a pain in the ass, and I may just say “fuck it” and not do it. Only I promised myself I would, and so far there has been no website developing that has beat me, so I’m not giving up so easily. Soon I will need beta testers, so if you’re interested, keep checking back here for that.

One thing I will have for my social site, aptly named Chat-Hole, is a way to use your Facebook account to login to Chat-Hole, so there will be no need to create a new account (if you don’t want to). But again, it’s not coming along so well. It’ll happen, I just don’t know when. I am working on it though.

Also for those of you who have WordPress.com blogs and ever think about moving them to a domain of your choosing, don’t do it the way I did at first. I bought the domain outside of WordPress.com instead of through them. I was going to transfer my blog to a WordPress.org account and then to my domain. It didn’t work out so well. Instead I paid for a mapping service through WordPress.com to send people going to my old domain to my new one. So technically, you’re not on beefyhouse.com, you’re still on beefyhouse.wordpress.com, it’s just showing you the former address because I paid them $13 to do that. It’s like magic!

Lastly, have a safe New Years. I know it’s fun to go out drinking and partying, but do it safely. Don’t drive with someone who is drunk (or drunker than you) and don’t sleep with a crack whore. A regular whore will do just fine. Sure you’ll pay more out of pocket, but in the long run you won’t pay with your cleanliness or life. Regular whores might give you crabs, crack whores will probably give you herpes.

Keep that in mind.

2 responses to “Happy New Day!

  1. I wish there was a love button bc I love this post all the way around. We also have leap seconds bc even the leap years can’t get it right? Daylight savings time is now in effect for 8 months out of the year…why not just pass a law to move time ahead 1 hr permanently?

    Good luck with your new blog (yeah I had to look 😛 ) and community. The fact that you can do this blows my mind.

    Have a safe and Happy New 365ish day man made cycle of time. L.

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