Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

This one is easy, but I wouldn’t go to study much of anything. The only place in the world that I want to visit is Amsterdam. And you can imagine why.

They have legal prostitution and drug use! At least two of my favorite drugs, I don’t care about the rest.

I would love to try the different strains of weed and magic mushrooms. I can’t lie, I love magic mushrooms. Sure they’re illegal here, but not over there!

The only problem is, I’d probably never come home and then I’d wind up being all messed up and doped out, thus ruining my life. I seriously once looked up apartments near there and was actually thinking about moving there. It’s a good thing I haven’t gone yet and will probably never get the chance, because I need to keep myself mostly clear headed.

Anyway, Amsterdam is it for me. I heard it’s a beautiful place to visit, the weather is almost always in my favorite weather range, and the people are nice. So far I haven’t heard of anything that I dislike about the place.

If I win the lottery, I’m taking a trip there with everyone I know and we’re going to have a great time.

10 responses to “Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

  1. I wanted to see Amsterdam as well and see the window in the red district and watch people get stoned out of their mind. You are smart not to do the sex drugs and rock/roll 8=))

  2. Lol. Not surprised. Seriously though, a couple I know went there for vaca and said it was peaceful and yes, they did partake. They also said that people were not acting like messed up stoners. We have too many laws which exist only to generate revenue. Have fun if you ever go!

    • Our laws are messed up. I like Amsterdam’s philosophy on it. They basically said if the stuff is illegal it’ll happen anyway, so why waste money and time trying to be rid of it when they can profit off of it? We should accept that as well.

  3. At least an honest answer

  4. I think they don’t allow weed for foreigners anymore. Sorry.

    • Is that right? Oh well, that sucks but I’d still love to check it out. It looks like a cool place to visit regardless of the drugs. Thanks for the heads up, I would’ve been pissed if I got there and THEN found out I couldn’t smoke!

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