Daily Prompt: Hate To Love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

I’ve been vacant on these DP posts lately, and for the same reason I was last time. They’re really not speaking to me. So much so that this one was posted on the 18th and I’m just now getting around to it because something FINALLY jogged my mind as to what to write about.

I absolutely HATE to love playing Snood. Snood is a game where you have a wall of different colored balls with faces on them, or Snoods, coming down on top of you while you’re given individual Snoods to shoot up at the wall. If you get three or more connected, they disappear. You have to get them all to go away to win the level before the wall crashes down on you, ending your game.

I HATE this game! I LOVE this game! ARG!

I HATE this game! I LOVE this game! ARG!

I’ve only been playing Snood for about 10 years now. I used to ride from Cincinnati up to Toledo to the university there to see friends when they were in college. On one of their dorm computers they had the game, and I would sit for hours getting lost in it. When I got home I remembered it one day and decided to download the free game.

I played the free game for probably a year when I finally decided to buy it and unlock more of the game. Since then I’ve tried to play it every night when the new Games of the Day are revealed. When you play them, your score is saved on a server and posted so that you can compare yourself to all of the other people who play on a regular basis. That number is currently right around 150 to 200 people who play all the time. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

And you would THINK that after playing the game for 10 years that I would be good at it. But no, I typically always rank right in the middle of that pack for each game, Medium, Hard, Evil, and Armageddon.

That’s one of the things that pisses me off. No matter how good I do at one of them, there’s always 40 or more people better than me. HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I can’t figure it out! I just don’t know how they’re scoring these high scores, cause I just can’t do it!

So why do I keep playing? Cause I hate the game.

Tonight I just tried playing a level and found that the server isn’t accepting my scores tonight. This happens all the time and it pisses me off, because you don’t find that out until after you play a level. What if you have a really great score? Too bad! I could end up scoring the greatest score ever in my 10 years of playing only to find out it wasn’t recorded. Guess what? Tough shit.

Their servers suck! Yet I continue to subject myself to it. Why?! Because I’m an addict, and typically addicts all hate to love the thing they’re addicted to. Like smoking for me. I hate that I can’t just stop smoking. Yet I continue to do it. Why? Cause I hate to love it.

The same with Snood. I’ll continue playing it forever because I’m addicted to it, yet I hate that I can’t stop. Because all the game does is piss me off. Why can’t I score in the top percentage of people? Why can’t I be first? After all these years, WHY?!?!

Even though I linked to it above, I warn you to NOT play this game. It’s addictive and it will ruin your life! I LOVE IT! AAAAH!

6 responses to “Daily Prompt: Hate To Love

  1. Whoever invented this sounds like the devil incarnate. I will never play! Thanks for the warning.

  2. Tetris. Maaaan, I can get to level 100 in my sleep, but I’m lucky if I make it to 105. Seriously pisses me off. Oh, and chess. I suck eggs at chess, but I love it anyway.

    • I always wanted to get in to chess, and I even started playing on my computer to try and learn the moves but for some reason those moves never stuck with me and I just couldn’t win a game to save my life. Tetris, it took me a long time to get off of that game, but I made it. That’s another horribly addictive game, I HATE THEM ALL!

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