Google Minus

I just joined Google +. Do you see what I did there? I joined Google Plus and I named this blog piece Google Minus. Wasn’t that groovy of me?

I named it Google Minus because that would be a better name for it. What a horrible piece of shit. It’s not user friendly at all. When I joined Facebook, I jumped right in. Sure I had to search for a few things, but the ease of basic use was awesome. Google +, so far, doesn’t make much sense.

I had to add a picture of myself. Without telling me before hand (which they should have), I uploaded a picture that was too small. This is the only social networking site I’ve been to that makes you have a certain sized picture. Why doesn’t their site resize it for me? Ease of use, nonexistent.

Only then did I learn it had to be a certain size, so I fixed the pic and uploaded it. Then I went on to my home screen and I couldn’t figure out how to locate my page or whatever it’s called so that I could share it with others. You know, give them a link so they can find me if they’re a part of the madness too. As far as I can tell, there is no link anywhere for that purpose.

So I told my wife about that and she joined just to see what I was pissing and moaning about. She couldn’t find me on there and I gave her my exact name I used when signing up. Go figure. I couldn’t find her either.

So far I’m not liking this Google +. At all. But what the hell, right? I swore I would never join Facebook. I swore I would NEVER join Twitter, and I swore I would never join Tumblr. Yet I joined all of those. So why not another one, eh?

9 responses to “Google Minus

  1. Google’s social media package is an utter holocaust. I recently discovered that I can’t log into my Gmail account if I’m logged into my Youtube account, (which after badgering me for weeks to enter my real name told me my surname wasn’t real because it’s foreign.)

    So, after doing what I had to do with Gmail I log back into Youtube and it asks me to add a Gmail account. ‘Perfect,’ I say, ‘I’ll merge both my accounts and never have this problem again’ so I enter my Gmail address and am informed that it’s already been taken.

    Yeah, I know it’s been taken. By me.

    • Oh yeah, that Youtube thing has me completely pissed off. It’s sucked nuts for a while now too, just the service in general. I can’t watch videos on my smartphone any more and I can only barely watch them on my computer. Youtube sucks, and Google is to blame. Which sucks, because normally I stand behind Google as a much better alternative to Yahoo, but not in this instance.

      • Totally, I was always behind Google in most respects, but I think they’ve taken on too much and tried to force integration that’s ended up ballsing up all their services.

      • Absolutely. I actually figured this was going to happen as soon as they released Chrome. And then I heard they bought Youtube and that’s when I knew shit was going to suck. Let’s just hope they don’t put out an operating system anytime soon.

  2. I’ll see if I can find you. I hardly ever get on G+. Nobody’s uses it.

  3. Google – does suck. I signed up bc a friend asked me to. Did the name and pw which is the same for every site I have…all two of them. So when I try to sign in, I can’t. Pw is wrong…um no it isn’t. So I do the pw change thing and type in my standard one. Result? NFW, choose another that pw has already been used. No Shit..I used it but you wouldn’t let me in. I’m done with it.

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