Daily Prompt: Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

I haven’t done the last couple of DP’s cause they haven’t really been good fodder for blogging, at least for me. There was one where I would have to describe my biggest fault. Well that’s easy, I’m so awesome that there is very little room for improvement. If I wanted to become more awesome, and I always do, I simply can’t. I’m that awesome.

The other was to write something about my mom. That’s a little too dark and personal so I’ll leave that one alone as well.

But today, it caught my attention. My ideal Saturday morning? Holy shit, that takes me right back to when I was a youngun.

I would run to the kitchen and get myself a bowl of frosted mini-wheats or fruity pebbles, cause fruity pebbles are god’s gift to cereal. And then I would turn on the TV and watch…

Fucking Looney Tunes – Looney Tunes, the greatest cartoons of any and every generation. So much so that I had to angry up the name by adding the “Fucking” to it. Looney Tunes dominates in every way. The shit they did on that cartoon was genius. And to this day nobody has figured out the combination to mastering the ‘toon like they did. Thank you Warner Brothers for giving us the greatest gift ever. We are in your debt.

Now here is where I would post a Youtube video of one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters of all time for you all to enjoy. However, my internet right now sucks. When I had broadband Youtube still sucked. Now I’m on what’s basically dial-up, so Youtube is out. In any case, I couldn’t preview the videos to make sure they were what I wanted, so they’re not posted here. I will say, though, that the video was going to be of Pete Puma. He was only in two cartoons in the original Looney Tunes, but they were hysterical. Check him out if you get a chance.

Pete Puma in "Rabbit's Kin"

Pete Puma in “Rabbit’s Kin”

Sam & Max Freelance Police – You can get the entire run of this cartoon in a small DVD set, which I did because frankly, the show kicks ass. The humor alone makes the purchase price worth every penny. While the cartoon couldn’t tread on grounds the comic book did, it was still very funny and slightly above the heads of the target demographic. I found it hysterical, but the younger kids it was aimed at didn’t get it. So the show only lasted two seasons when it could have gone much longer if it was shown to the right people.

Either way, the show is great and I urge you all to watch it at least once. If you can find the Bigfoot episode, that’s the one to watch. Until then, here’s one of my favorite strips from their comics. Enjoy.

If you're having trouble reading it, click it for a slightly bigger view.

If you’re having trouble reading it, click it for a slightly bigger view.

Pro Wrestling – Ah, the best in Saturday Morning TV was always an hour long program from the WWF. You’d almost never see Hulk Hogan, they saved him for the PPV’s. Instead you’d get to see the awesome gimmicks like Papa Shango and L.O.D. and Junkyard Dog. Two of my favorites were The Repo Man and Skinner. Skinner would come out chewing a huge wad of tobacco and he was all the time getting it rubbed all over his face by the other wrestler. Nasty. The Repo Man would sneak out to the ring before every match, as if nobody could see him and he would have a huge goofy smile on his face while he was sneaking. One time I saw him in a Royal Rumble. He snuck down to the ring and got into the match and was quickly thrown out. Instead of being pissed about it, he just snuck his way back to the back, still smiling as if nothing bad had just happened to him.

Yeah, that's what passed for a show name back then. They should've called it "Wrestling Challenged."

Yeah, that’s what passed for a show name back then. They should’ve called it “Wrestling Challenged.”

I loved that stuff. Growing up on Saturday Mornings meant one thing, awesome programming. If a Saturday went by where I couldn’t watch Looney Tunes or Wrestling, I would literally have a bad day.

Those were the good ol’ days.

5 responses to “Daily Prompt: Me Time

  1. You crack me up. I babysat a kid when “wrestling” was on Saturday. His parents said no tv, but I couldn’t resist and was his favorite sitter. When wrestling was over, so was tv. I did tell him every other sitter would not let him watch…and his parents couldn’t understand why he’d cry if they used another sitter. What do you do for fun on Saturday mornings now?

    • I don’t have a tradition now. It’s basically whatever I’m doing at the moment, which is either blogging or surfing the net. Unfortunately there’s not much I look forward to anymore.

  2. The shit they put on Saturday morning now is horrible. I mean, horrible. If there was a word for horrible but drastically worse I’d use that word. It’s that bad.

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