Daily Prompt: My Hero

My DP today is this…

Tell us about your hero.

It should be no surprise to anybody that my hero is Elmo.

Photo courtesy of some website.

Photo courtesy of some website.

Elmo is a beloved character, or was, on Sesame Street for the better part of three decades. He was a red-skinned puppet in a world where red-skinned people are mistreated by the government and lied to on a daily basis.

He overcame obstacles, some of which much more than any one of us would have been able to overcome. After all, he had to work for almost thirty years with a gay child molester’s hand up his ass.

Elmo - "His hand... is so cold..."

Elmo – “His hand… is so cold…”

That’s right folks, Kevin Clash, the man in the picture above with Elmo, the man who has made Elmo move and voiced him all of these years, is a gay child molester.

How would you like to work under THOSE conditions?

Because of this, Elmo my friend, YOU are my hero. There will be nobody to top that, I believe. Sadly, Elmo went out a bad way, as he was scrapped for a pair of designer boots. So instead of some dude’s hand up his ass, now you can stick your foot up there.

Poor Elmo, we knew you well.

Poor Elmo, we knew you well.

9 responses to “Daily Prompt: My Hero

  1. No wonder his voice was so high pitched.

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  3. Boo,.if if’s true….

    • If what’s true? I speak no lies.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m as hardassed as they come regarding crime. Real job would have been a Detroit detective but eyesight had other plans. The punishment I would give would be way worse than the death penalty bc to exploit children is the worst thing that can happen. He or any other MF would be begging for the last breath…and I’d be laughing and saying nope! That said, say some dbag said you did that and you absolutely did not…what would you do?

      • Well the last thing I read is that the first person to come out and say he did that reneged his comment, and I didn’t read anything saying he was actually found guilty of it, but because of the accusations he retired from Sesame Street and lost that movie deal, so I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, I can only speculate that it probably is, but I’m not down with that. Child molesters are the lowest form of human on this planet. Being that I’m not a vicious man lol, I can’t say that I’d beat the hell out of him, I think I’d rather him be proven guilty of it and spend some time behind bars, because prisoners hate child molesters just as much as we do, and they don’t put up with it. I think I’d rather see him get his in prison.

      • That’s why I said boo if it is true. I hope it isn’t. Prison justice is scarier than mine…by a hair.

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