I Just Got My Award

Holy shit, in a twisted turn of events, I have been given my own fucking award! How awesome is that? Well, it only makes sense, since I DID make the damn thing. I’m the idiot who handed them out and didn’t give one to myself.

In any case, thanks to Twindaddy over at the Stuph Blog, once again, for giving me such an awesomely spectacular award. I couldn’t have done it without him. Wait, I DID do it without him. I rule.

The Award Of Awards

The Award Of Awards

That’s right bitches, I created it, therefore I AM it. My blog rules.

With that in mind, here is another couple of folks who should have this blessed gem of the award world.

Jordan Drew – Jordan is an awesome writer chick whom I met on Facebook through mutual friends. I’m glad I met her and glad I checked out her awesome blog. You should too.

First Orb – He tried to give it to himself earlier and failed. But he got his blog up and viewable, so now he gets one, handed to him OFFICIALLY, by me. Go check it out, it’s an interesting blog.

There it is, two more recipients. I hope all of them wear it well.

3 responses to “I Just Got My Award

  1. The circle is now complete. Now I am the master.

  2. Well if we go off of visits and followers, you ARE the master lol.

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