Unshitty Blog Award

Since I have a lot of spare time, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time. Offer web awards.

I decided to do this after viewing the Stuph Blog had just received another thirty five or so awards. I mean let’s face it, they deserve it over there. They have an awesome blog. So I figured that I should bring back my awards and give them out to those who are worthy. Welcome, to the Unshitty Blog Awards.

This award is to be given to those blogs that are in fact, NOT SHITTY. Awesome blogs that totally deserve to be recognized for not just being a good blog, but for not being shitty. As with any blog awards, there are things you have to do once you accept this award (listed below). Since I have won awards for this blog, I know the typical routine. Answer a bunch of silly (but sometimes very interesting questions) and then nominate a certain number of other blogs for the award. Well, I’m not necessarily going to go through all of that because I know what a pain it can be once you’ve received more than two awards.

With that said, here is what you’ll need to do once you’ve been given the Unshitty Blog Award by someone.

1. Thank or mention the person who gave it to you. This is only fair, since they did offer you this prestigious award.
2. Give an acceptance speech. It can be as short or long as you like, but it should probably be unshitty. Make it count.
3. Nominate some others. The number of people you should award it to is up to you. If you feel like nominating no other blogs for it, go for it.
4. Post the award on your blog somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be visible all the time. If you have some deep, dark corner of your blog where you put all of the shit you don’t want people to see, you can put it there. Just so long as it’s displayed.
5. That’s it. You can either save the award to your blog and host it there (preferred) or you can just link to it from here.

The Award Of Awards

The Award Of Awards

Since I brought him up and he’s been getting a ton of awards lately, I’m going to give him yet another one, only this time it’s the one that truly counts. Twindaddy, you and your site Stuph Blog have just now become the first ever Unshitty Blog Award winner! Claim your prize and wear it with pride. And for those of you who haven’t been by there yet, go give it a check out. It’s good stuph.

And now for the other winners…

13 Stories ‘Til Halloween – An awesome site, they typically only post in the month of October. They post a creepy scary story a day until Halloween every year. Next year I hope to be on the list of people submitting stories. Even if I’m not asked (which would be fine), I still enjoy reading their scary stories from many different authors. You should check them out.

Goddess, Living Out Loud – This blog belongs to a damn good friend of mine, Shay, who I am in love with. I would do things to her that would make me blush. Just sayin’, I love her. You will too if you check out her blog. She just came out with an awesome book of poetry too, so definitely give that a read.

Just Another Body – Chandra writes some awesome zombie stories from the perspectives of those who aren’t heroes and who usually don’t make it. I love those types of stories, and I would do things to Chandra that would make Shay blush. Just sayin’, I love her too. She just came out with a book too. Mine is en route to my house as I type this. Can’t wait to read it.

Rob Simple – I’m in love with Rob as well. His humor is second to none and his blog is too. Check it out. I would do things to him… never mind.

OnlineDatingJournal – I love her blog. I catch it every now and then, and there’s nothing more epic than her Thanksgiving story, which I just linked to. Go read it and enjoy her crazy shenanigans.

That’s it for now. Congrats to you all, your blogs are definitely not shitty.

27 responses to “Unshitty Blog Award

  1. Actually, scratch that. I just realized no one can see half of whats there. My bad.

  2. The 13 stories til Halloween blog was awesome..Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year, bar none. I hope you do get a story on that site.

  3. No, we’re not related, although we get that a lot because of our names and how much alike we both are. And I guess you’re the only person on earth without a Facebook account. That’s awesome. What’s it like? lol

  4. Thanks sweetie fpr the npmination. I need to write more but have lacked motivation. Perhaps this recognition will give me the extra boost!!

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