QotD: Would You Do It?

This question is for both men and women, since I guess this happens both ways, I’m not sure. But I’m going to ask it to the men just to make it easier on me.

Earlier my dad and I were watching Grilled, and the scene came up where Sofía Vergara tries to seduce Ray Romano and he starts falling for it until he finds out from Kim Coates that Sofía Vergara’s character used to be a man.

Ray Romano, Sofía Vergara, Kevin James - "Grilled"

Ray Romano, Sofía Vergara, Kevin James – “Grilled”

She looks pretty good there, and basically all throughout the movie. I mean, it’s Sofía Fucking Vergara.

My dad looks at me and says, “If you found that out, that she used to be a man, would you fuck her?”

And I honestly couldn’t answer that. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it to just her, Sofía Vergara. Guys, if you were messing around with her and she was kissing all over you and she drops to her knees, undoes your pants and is about to give you oral, and you find out she USED TO be a man, but her parts are now that of a woman and she is legit woman, would you be able to fuck her?

If you need more help in the decision, here’s this.

Does this help?

Does this help?

Now think about it. Because really it is a hard decision. You’re either all in or you’re all out. So, what is it?

Personally, after some serious thought I think I’d have to go for it. Seriously, if a former HE can pull off being a woman like Sofía Vergara and I was none the wiser till I found out, I think after a brief moment of wanting to chuck, I’d go for it.

That’s me, what do you say?

8 responses to “QotD: Would You Do It?

  1. Lol all out and not a prude by any means. Thought provoking though.

  2. Uh, no. A man is a man no matter what a doctor did to him.

  3. Aw, you guys are no fun! Ok, so a follow up question, what if you did a hot chick such as that and then found out afterwards she used to be a guy. How would you handle that? Would you feel nasty? Even if it had been the best sex of your life?

    • Lol. Despite my rude, crude nature I was speaking hypothetically. I’m a girl…a straight one…at that. So even the hot chicks are out fo’ me.

  4. Yeah, but as I said at the top of the article, this question is for all. So for you, it would be the opposite. If you had sex with a guy and then found it he used to be a she, would you feel dirty? Though I’m not sure if a chick can become a man, I’m sure they can, but it’s a hypothetical, as you said, question.

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