Amp’d Mobile Sucked Hairy Balls

I say “sucked” because Amp’d mobile isn’t around anymore. True to the title of this blog, they did indeed suck so much that they quickly went out of business. Unfortunately, before they went out of business, I found out just how much they sucked.

“Hey, at least we’re not Amp’d. Shit.”

Not only did their service suck, but their phones sucked. You see, cell phone companies have their own “operating systems” that they put into their phones. That’s why if you buy a phone from one cell phone company and then buy that same phone from another, the layout on the phones will usually be different even though they are the exact same phones.

Amp’d had a whopping selection of three phones to choose from, and two of them were the same phone just different colors. These were by Kyocera, and they were slide phones, one white and one black. I can’t remember the other phone because I didn’t have it. I had the black Kyocera slide phone, and it sucked enough that I’ll never own another product by Kyocera again.

To start, Amp’d first came out with a head full of steam. They had their own television network that you could access via your cell phone (and a huge monthly fee). I opted to not have it because I could just barely afford their service, which was at the time the highest priced phone service you could get.

The funny thing about the commercial (other than the commercial) is the phone they show at the end. Not even on their website did they offer that phone, so no, it wasn’t one of the three they had. But you can see by the commercial that it seemed to be an awesome service, which is why I bought into it.

I only wanted the phone and the service for the first couple of days. Problems with the cell phone started right away and problems with the company started just after that. I quickly learned how shitty they were, and I tried getting out of my contract before the first week was up. Unfortunately I had signed up for a 2 year contract and if you got out of it in the first 7 days you didn’t have to pay an early termination fee.

Problems with the cell phone included the phone turning itself on and off whenever it wanted, during calls, while in my pocket, while I was adding someone’s contact info to it, whenever. Also, it would dial random numbers whenever it wanted. Most of the time it would dial numbers while in my pocket, and I’d have no idea that it had done that. Two of these instances were phone calls made to New York for seventeen minutes and to Paris, France for 26 minutes. I’m guessing they were businesses because I was on hold the entire time and nobody had ever picked up, but I was charged the long distance fee for those times.

Another problem I had was the customer service, which apparently everyone had that issue. On the third day of having the phone I called their customer support to tell them I no longer wanted the service. I was on hold for a half an hour when a recorded voice came on the line to tell me I’d be on hold for another half hour. I waited that second half hour before that same voice came on again to tell me my wait from that point was another half hour. I hung up.

I went to my account on their website and contacted their support that way. I told them I didn’t even care if I had to pay the $175 early termination fee, I just wanted out of their service. In order to contact them I had to use their on-site contact form, so naturally I have no copies of this email being sent, although I’m sure it was never sent or nobody ever read it because I never heard back from them.

Overall I tried calling them multiple times and had emailed them three times. I never heard back from them.

After just two years in service they finally went bankrupt in 2007. Now I’m getting letters from their collection agency that they want their money that I owe them. Fuck them, I’m not paying. I tried getting out of my contract in the right time frame so that I would owe them no money and they refused to let me go, so they can suck shit. Unfortunately I have no proof of that since I have no copies of the emails I sent, merely days after I first signed up with them. Thank God they are no longer around.

5 responses to “Amp’d Mobile Sucked Hairy Balls

  1. That sucks without proof that you tried to let them go. Unfortunately, the collectors are ringing you up and that sucks more bc you are on the list…I hope your score doesn’t suffer.

    • Yeah, it totally blows. And my score did suffer, but it’s as low as it can get. I wasn’t very good with money when I was in my twenties. I’m still dealing with it and probably will for life, but because it can’t get any lower, that’s what keeps me going in the fight to fuck Amp’d out of their money.

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