Marijuana For You

Even though I don’t hide the fact that I support the legalization of marijuana nor the fact that I smoke it, and even though every now and then I make comments about it, I’ve always tried to not get into posting my stance on it because frankly, I don’t know if I’d ever stop typing. But most importantly, when I blog I typically do so with as little editing as possible. I usually post my first draft. If I were to get into posting my thoughts and beliefs on weed, I’d never stop typing for one, and two, I’d have to really get my thoughts in order for it as to make my points without overdoing it and repeating myself. Let’s face it, memory loss is a side effect of weed. If I write for two hours on it, how will I remember in the second hour what I wrote in the first? I might wind up writing the same article twice.

But now we live in a modern age where people are FINALLY getting sick of the prohibition of it and they are doing something about it. They are voting on it to make it legal, and recently of course in Colorado and Washington State they accomplished it and are the first States to ever decriminalize marijuana. Good for them. I hope the rest of the country follows suit. At the very least, get it on the ballots. If you’re so sure your stance against weed will stand firm, then let the rest of your State decide and see what they say. If they agree with you, good for you. If not, then the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE has been heard, just the way it should be no matter what.

And remember, just because weed was made legal in those States doesn’t mean you have to smoke it. If you don’t like weed, just don’t smoke it. No big deal. We don’t care, more for us.

Okay, now I’m already starting to go the route I didn’t want to go, and that’s rambling on the subject. I started this particular blog for one reason, and that reason is this video on Youtube. Watch it and then continue reading, please.

First of all, this is the first time I’ve heard about LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and I’m always happy to find other organizations out for the betterment of the country. It’s no surprise that I think if marijuana were legalized all throughout the nation things would be better as far as that was concerned, so LEAP, thanks for doing what you do.

Second, what really pisses me off is what Carol says around 3:10 in the video. A response on Youtube says exactly what I wanted to say about it.

“If you told your kid that marijuana is dangerous and a gateway drug, you would be lying to your kid.

The host was obviously educated by the reefer madness coalition.

Thanks to LEAP and NORML and all the others who are making a difference!”

Yeah, exactly. If you’re going to lie to your kids to begin with about something you obviously know nothing about, then of course they’re going to be confused! Lies only lead to confusion when seeking the truth.

Now here’s my reason for this blog. Weed is not a “gateway drug”. For starters, it’s not a drug. The government calls it a drug, but that doesn’t make it a drug. A drug is something unnatural, man-made, like Cocaine or Heroin. They might have started off normal somehow, but they were altered to become something worse and addictive.

Marijuana is a plant. It’s been growing on Earth since before man was around, and it will be growing here when we’re all dead and gone. Nothing needs to be done to it to make it what it is, other than letting it grow. You can call it a drug all you want, but you’re kidding yourselves. It’s a plant. It’s green, it has roots a stalk and leaves, and it goes through photosynthesis. It’s a plant.

Now, if it’s not a drug but just a plant, then naturally it can’t be a “gateway drug” because it’s not a drug. It’s a plant. I can’t stress that enough. A “gateway drug” would be Cocaine. If you can do Cocaine and not die, then you suddenly want to try every other drug. Trust me on that. Cocaine is the standard for drug use. If you can pull it off and not OD or have heart stoppage, you feel as if you conquered something and you instantly want to go out and see what else you can conquer.

If you smoke weed, you get the munchies, you lay around and watch Spongebob and you laugh and you feel good. That’s it. Pot doesn’t have the street cred like Cocaine. People know that if they smoke weed, there’s not a chance that they’ll die because marijuana hasn’t killed anybody in the history of man. It’s documented, I’ve posted it before somewhere around here. Alcohol kills, tobacco kills, cancer kills, cars kill, planes kill, weed does not kill. Period.

It’s the media and the government (because who runs the media?) who want you to believe all of the bullshit surrounding weed. That’s how they get their way. They want us to think weed is a drug, so they call it one and like sheep, we go along with it. They want us to believe if we smoke weed we’ll be out the next day giving hand jobs for crack, so we buy into it because they’re our government and they NEVER lie to us about anything.

And for some reason the general public watches each one of our major news networks religiously and follows what they say religiously. The media outlets KNOW THIS. If I knew my readers believed every fucking word I said, you better believe I’d fill their head with lies to get what I want. But I know they don’t. Like a lot of you probably won’t buy into any part of this blog. That’s fine, you can live in the dark ages all you want. I’m here to educate and entertain. You can decide which one this blog is attempting to do.

Regardless if you smoke it or not, or you believe it should be legal or not, you have to agree that it isn’t a drug it’s a plant. As Katt Williams said, “Aspirin is a drug. Take thirteen of them mother fuckers and it will be the last headache you ever had.” Exactly.

With marijuana you get what you signed up for. Everybody knows the side effects of weed. It makes you tired, hungry, and easily entertained. The side effects are laid out there for you from the beginning. Man-made drugs that are legal are not only constantly killing people, but eventually you get an ad that asks if you had taken a certain drug because it has been found to lead to… and then they list a number of horrible diseases or conditions that are worse than the drug helps. And these are conditions that were not known until after people started taking the drugs.

Stop telling your kids lies about weed. Get informed on it first, and then go to them with the facts. I just gave you quite a few of them, so start there. When your kid has questions, you can give them the facts and let them make their own decisions, just like you have, only they’ll be better prepared for them than you were.

I know this, when I was a kid I HATED my dad for smoking weed. I believed the crap about it. I grew up thinking my dad was a criminal and I loathed him for it. But then I smoked it and found everything I had been told negatively about it had been a lie.

The point here is, I found out for myself instead of buying into the shit that there’s nothing wrong with it. Find out for yourself too, and stop lying to your kids.

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